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The amount of nutrition information floating around the internet is enough to overwhelm even the most educated. I created some blog posts to help break down different diets, best nutrition approach for beginners and more!

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Haley Rowe November 24, 2018

7 Healthy Smoothie Recipes – Low Sugar [2018]

I am not sure when, or why, it started but for some reason we have decided that smoothies are the best healthy – go to – option for a meal when trying to lose weight. This can be true, but only if they are made with the correct ingredients. Just having a smoothie as a […]

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Haley Rowe November 3, 2018

3 Basics of Creating a Sustainable Meal Plan [2018]

What we eat, how much we eat and when we eat are the 3 basics to creating a sustainable meal plan. They are the building blocks to learning exactly how to successfully eat for your goals. So many people are completely overwhelmed when it comes to nutrition, so I want to make it a little […]

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Haley Rowe October 13, 2018

16 Low Calorie, Healthy Pizza Recipes [2018]

Yes, you read that right. I am going to share with you 27 healthy pizza recipes! Why? How? Because I eat pizza every Sunday. Which means every Sunday I try a new recipe and I have been saving  them all to share with you! Some of these are going to be gluten free (cauliflower crust), […]

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Haley Rowe September 22, 2018

“Health foods” to remove from your diet [2018]

Organic, non-GMO, all natural, farm raised…these are all buzz words that we find on packaging these days, no matter what it is. We have so much trust in the food industry that if they product says “organic” then we assume it is healthy, but that is not always the case. The food industry has now […]

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Haley Rowe September 1, 2018

Dangers of Vegetable Oil On your Health [2018]

Throw away your vegetable oil ASAP…I mean it. I consider myself to have a pretty flexible approach when it comes to health and wellness. I know not everyone can afford organic, and I know not everyone has the ability to buy healthy foods all the time, and that is okay. But one thing I will […]

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Haley Rowe August 18, 2018

How To Guide: Eating Healthy On A Budget [2018]

It can be overwhelming. I can be daunting. It can be the hardest thing you have ever done. But it doesn’t HAVE to be! Eating healthy can be easier than your mommas homemade cooking, but you might not think it tastes as good….at first. You can make every excuse in the book not to eat […]

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Haley Rowe August 4, 2018

2 Reasons You Cannot Cut Food Groups and See Results [2018]

Yup, I said. You cannot cut food groups and see results. Why? Well, I will get into that in this blog post. What is important here is that, I have been there. I have cut food groups, cut calories, overtrained etc. and it put my body in a terrible place! So know, this information is […]

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Haley Rowe July 21, 2018

6 Tips for Eating Healthy when Dining Out [2018]

Eating healthy when dining can be a scary task for those of you looking to start a healthy lifestyle. Cooking at home means knowing EXACTLY what is going into your food. But when at a restaurant, you never know what your food is being cooked in or how much of anything they are giving you. […]

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Haley Rowe July 7, 2018

Facts about produce – The Clean Fifteen [2018]

Since we are on the topic of foods and pesticides, I thought I would share the other side of the equation. Yes, the dirty dozen is the MOST sprayed produce on our supermarket shelves. But, the clean fifteen are also out on the shelves, and those are the LEAST sprayed produce items! If you need […]

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Haley Rowe June 23, 2018

Dirty Dozen: Produce you should buy organic [2018]

It’s no secret that a lot of our produce is sprayed with harmful pesticides like glyphosate and atrazine. These chemicals can wreck havoc on our bodies and cause inflammation which we know, is the number one cause of chronic disease. Well, we unfortunately cannot get away from these harmful chemicals without buying local or organic […]

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