Hey girlfriend,

Haley here!

Coach, Educator, Wife,
Fitness Enthusiast,
Hype-Woman &
Personal Trainer

About me

I’m a small town girl, turned Nashville local. Trainer + Coach + Wife and Entrepreneur. Obsessed with: my dog, chocolate and psycho-thriller novels. Dreaming of the day I travel around the US in a van.

How it all started

My career started in 2015 after I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Exercise Science. I thought I wanted to head for the physical therapy space, but I took the first job I could get out of college…a personal trainer.


I loved it, and I hated it. Loved the training and connection part, hated the early morning hours and the missed dinners with family. After years of building a client roster at several gyms, I started what you see as Endorphitness. I started it as a way to get myself out of in person training, and in front of a much bigger demographic, at home.

Finding my purpose

Over the years I have perfected my training approach – after 100+ in person clients, you would hope I figured something out. I took the best information from my degree, and the in person experience I got training and meshed it into the best programming I have seen get results.

I also got certified in pre and postnatal coaching through Girls Gone Strong so I can help women during both pregnancy and postpartum. It is important to me that women are safe when training, and they are creating a solid foundation before getting back into “regular” workouts.
So while I started this business as a blog with no real direction… my passion now stems from being able to reach you – the girl sitting at home, hating the gym (if there is even one around) and having no idea where to really “start” her journey.

A day in the life

On an average day you can catch me walking my dog in the morning, hanging out with my laptop in the afternoon writing workouts and making connections, and by evening I have a glass of Pinot Noir in hand, sitting on the deck with my husband, making s'mores over our gas table fire.

Haley Rowe Quiz

1.Favorite Season?
  • Fall!!
2.Favorite thing to do in my freetime
  • Adventure with my new husband
3.Favorite pastime with friends:
  • A.Grabbing drinks
  • B.Seeing a movie
  • C.Going to a concert
  • D.Playing games
4.Most likely to binge watch:
  • A.Grey’s Anatomy
  • B.This Is Us
  • C.Friday Night Lights
  • D.All of the above
5.Music you can find on my Spotify?
  • A.Eric Church
  • B.Lizzo
  • C.Five Finger Death Punch
  • D.All of the above
6.I love fashion and my closet is full of the latest styles:
  • A.True
  • B.False
7.Someday I want to:
  • Get a tattoo sleeve!
8.My dream house is:
  • On a lake, with a mountain view

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