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Health isn’t just about diet and exercise, especially for women. Hormones, stress, sleep, water all play huge roles in not only health, but fat loss.

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Haley Rowe November 1, 2022

Pregnancy Safe Exercises for the First Trimester [2022]

Exercise is so important during pregnancy. It helps your health and your babies health, but it also helps strengthen the body to prepare for the demands of late pregnancy and delivery. Exercise can decrease your risk of gestational diabetes, hypertension, preeclampsia and more. It may not 100% get rid of the risk of these, but […]

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Haley Rowe August 9, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Pregnancy and Weight Gain [2022]

Pregnancy is an absolutely beautiful thing. Creating life and bringing it into the world – it’s truly a miracle. But it can also be hard because of the weight gain and body changes that come along with it. It’s no secret that society puts ridiculous pressures on women to look a certain way, and so […]

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Haley Rowe July 26, 2022

How to Exercise During Pregnancy (and How Not To) [2022]

A very common question among pregnant women is “can I exercise while pregnant”? There is so much information out there, and clearly you want to do what is best for you and your baby. No one wants to cause harm to their baby during pregnancy. And if you are a first time mom, there are […]

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Haley Rowe June 15, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Diastasis Recti [2022]

If you are a female, either with babies or planning to have babies, you likely have heard of diastasis recti. It is a common term  used, but maybe not often explained well or understood. This blog is going to explain everything you need to know about diastasis recti – from who it effects, how common […]

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Haley Rowe June 8, 2022

How to Properly Engage your Core During Pregnancy and Postpartum [2022]

The core is a very complex set of muscles. Not because there are so many and the anatomy is complicated, but because it can be challenging to learn how to properly engage them. Many in the fitness industry use “belly button to spine” as a cue for core engagement, but that usually only contracts part […]

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Haley Rowe February 16, 2022

Reason to Exercise – How Movement Affects your Mental Health [2022]

There are more reasons to exercise other than “losing weight”. And those reasons will probably keep you on track with a good exercise routine far longer than a losing weight goal will. This is because a bigger picture, or a why, starts to come into play. Health and fitness is a life long journey – […]

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Haley Rowe January 18, 2022

Why perpetual dieting can be detrimental to your health [2022]

Let me guess, your goal is to lose weight? Yeah – and have you had that goal for 3 months, 3 years? And put your hand up if you have tried a diet, and then felt like you failed because you couldn’t maintain it? (I’ll put up a few hands, too). The human body is […]

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Haley Rowe January 4, 2022

Correlation between sleep and body weight (the science explained) [2022]

I can’t be the only one that loves sleep, right? Like, give me a snacks in bed and an 8pm bedtime on a Friday night over packed bars and 2am Uber rides. I know everyone isn’t as lame/boring as I am, but I hope the other 5 nights of the week you are getting adequate […]

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