The Endorphitness Accelerator

6 weeks to feeling comfortable in your own skin again! This challenge is all you need to get on your feet and start towards a healthy lifestyle. It’s called the Accelerator because we are fast tracking you past all the b.s. and straight to sustainable lifestyle changes! This program takes all the guessing out and leads you step by step to both great results and a total lifestyle transformation! You don’t want to miss this opportunity..

The Transformation You Can Trust

This challenge isn’t about losing as much weight as possible or staying on track for 6 weeks only to go back to your old ways at the end of it. This is about transforming your life, and your mindset so that this time the habits stick and the weight stays off. It's easy to fall back into old ways when you have no direction, but with this program everything is laid out for you so that when the 6 weeks is up you know exactly how to continue! The Accelerator program is designed to give you effective workouts, simple nutrition and accountability to keep you on track!

The Results Are In


"I LOVE ENDORPHITNESS! Haley allows you to see that choosing a healthier lifestyles doesn’t mean giving up your life. Extreme dieting and 2 hour gym workouts are NOT her way of getting you to where you want to be! My eyes have been opened to a healthier lifestyle while still enjoying life. I’ve done two of her 6 week challenges and loved them both!! Highly recommended."


"If anyone needs a boost to get their butts in gear to change their lifestyle, the challenge with Endorphitness is where it is at. My jeans used to barely fit when I bought them in December...and now they're giant on me now. In total, I lost 9ish pounds and 8ish inches and I feel great. I am sleeping better and have more energy and I learned a lot. I'm excited to continue using the tools that I received to continue my new lifestyle journey!"


"Six weeks has changed my life and how I look at food/workout perspective of things. Not only am I living a healthier lifestyle, but my family is too and not once have they complained about what is on the dinner table. I still have a ways to go but I feel great and my headaches are gone! Thank you Haley for all of your encouragement and for making this challenge fun for all of us!"

$79.99 • 6 Weeks of Work • A Lifetime of Results

Join the Next Accelerator Challenge (8/17/2020):
• 6 weeks of workouts (5 days a week)
• Meal Template
• Recipe Guide
• Private FB community
• Weekly email check-ins with Coach
• Weekly educational coaching calls
• Weekly prizes & grand prize winner

At Home Workouts

The workouts in this program are designed to fit into anyones schedule. 20 minute workouts so you have no excuse to skip them! Just pull up the weekly email you receive, open the workout document and start sweating along with coach Haley. It really is the easiest way to get a sweat in, in the comfort of your own home, with a trainer pushing you along the way.

Simple Nutrition Template

Simple, easy, as basic as it gets nutrition template. Breaking down how much to eat for each meal, list of foods to choose from and recipes to put it all together. When just starting out it is important to keep it simple, and that is exactly what this template does! Diets don’t work because of the restrictions they place on you; the focus of this template is to allow you to have things you enjoy in moderation, so that the “diet” is never over!

Community and Accountability

Starting a new lifestyle can be hard, but doing it alone is even harder! The Accelerator challenge allows you to start your journey alongside other women in your shoes. The private Facebook community allows you to post about your struggles, successes and questions, and even cheer others on along the way. Coach Haley is there for you every step of the way. It’s not everyday you get to have one on one conversations with your virtual trainer to ask questions and get the help you need!


Everyone has a competitive side, even if you don’t show it much. The Accelerator challenge offers weekly prizes as well as one grand prize winner at the end! The winner of the $500 is not the one with the biggest physical transformation, but mental.

Join the Next Accelerator Challenge

6 weeks of workouts (5 days a week)

Meal Template

Recipe Guide

Private FB community

Weekly email check-ins with Coach

Weekly prizes & grand prize winner