The Endorphitness Accelerator

6 weeks to feeling comfortable in your own skin again. This challenge is exactly what you need if you are sick of starting over every Monday and feeling guilty over "a bad meal". Together we are going to break down old habits and rebuild new ones, creating a sustainable lifestyle change for good. No more "falling off the wagon", the Accelerator is going to give you a straight forward approach to help you reach your goals. You don't want to miss this opportunity...

The Transformation You Can Trust

This challenge isn't about extremes that make you miserable, and then leave you still confused and frustrated at the end. Trust me, I have done those garbage programs, too. This challenge is about building a transformation that lasts - creating the habits and systems you need to be successful when life gets busy or when you lose your motivation. The Accelerator (getting it's name from "accelerating" you past all the b.s. and straight to what works) is going to teach you the way, not just show you. Everything is laid out in step by step process', while giving you a hand to hold during the toughest time...the beginning.

The Results Are In


" I just completed my first accelerator program with her after watching from afar for far too long. She provides doable at home workouts that fit into your schedule! She teaches and shows and teaches modifications so you can participate from any stage of your journey. She builds you up from the inside out, focusing on your overall health. I’m so pleased with the results and cannot wait to start the collective!"


"I could NOT be more proud of myself! I finally realized that 1. I am a badass and can do what I set my mind to do 2. I will never be perfect and that’s ok 3. Small changes really are big results like getting my labs done for my genetically high cholesterol and my total cholesterol going DOWN 30 points only 3 weeks into my new routine!"


"I cannot believe the physical and mental changes Haley helped me make. Not only did I lose nearly 10 inches in all the right places but I now think (not obsess) about my food choices and have meaningful workouts! I even canceled my gym membership yesterday (this is HUGE for me, goodbye 4am workouts!) Thanks so much Haley!"

$99.99 • 6 Weeks of Work • A Lifetime of Results

Join the Next Accelerator Challenge (4/12/2021):
• 6 weeks of workouts (5 days a week)
• Easy Meal Template
• Fun Recipe Guide
• Private Community for Support
• Weekly email check-ins with Coach
• Weekly educational coaching calls
• Weekly prizes & grand prize winner

At Home Workouts

The workouts in this program are designed to fit into anyones schedule. Only 20 minutes in length so they squeeze into your busy schedule, but also keep you moving and sweating! Modifications are giving for all exercises – so no matter where you are in your journey, you can complete these. Just push play and sweat along side trainer Haley as she virtually kicks your ass!

Simple Nutrition Template

Simple, easy, as basic as it gets nutrition template. Breaking down how much to eat for each meal, list of foods to choose from and easy recipes to put it all together. No more being overwhelmed by other meal plans or having no idea how to even make a grocery list – we take the guessing out and hand you directions! Diets don’t work because of the restrictions they place on you; the focus of this template is to allow you to have things you enjoy in moderation, so that the “diet” is never over.

Community and Accountability

Everyone needs accountability – which is why if everyone had the money they would pay for a personal trainer to help them. Well, this is just as good! The private community keeps you motivated and engaged to keep going, and the weekly emails with Coach hold you accountable to the program. If you put in the effort, you will see a return on your investment. Reaching your goals is cool, but having others cheering you on along the way is even cooler. Cooler a word? It is now…haha


Prizes for weekly engagement so you stay tuned into the challenge. We all love a good “game” or “point system” to track, so that is what we created! Not to mention the grand prize is a great motivator as well! Stay engaged, do the work, and you could double your money and win $200.

Join the Next Accelerator Challenge

6 weeks of workouts (5 days a week)

Meal template

Recipe guide

Private community

Weekly email check-ins with Coach

Weekly prizes & grand prize winner