5 Reasons Celery Juice Isn’t Just A Fad


It seems like every week there is something new on the market that everyone is doing. Right now, it’s drinking celery juice. Maybe you have seen it blowing up Instagram or Facebook, but it seems everyone and their mother is juicing celery on a daily basis…and I am one of them. I first started drinking celery juice as an experiment. I wanted to see if it really had any benefits for me, so I could give true feedback to those who were asking me about it. My consensus: celery juice isn’t just a fad.

Why is it that we take any prescription a doctor gives us, but when food is trending as a health cure we all become avid researchers?

If you have followed my story for awhile, you know I suffer from a lot of GI issues, as well as hormone imbalances and most recently acne (hello Florida humidity, whew!). I have tried all different things to get my health back on track, and I am definitely getting better and better everyday. I have learned which foods work for me and which don’t. I have regained my cycle back after losing it for 9 months post hormonal birth control (check out the side effects of hormonal birth control here), and my skin is on the mend (hopefully for good). Now, I cannot say that celery juice has fixed all my problems, but I have definitely seen some positive side effects from it!

Let’s see what kind of amazing benefits celery juice can have….

Benefits of Celery Juice

Calms Inflammation

Celery juice has incredibly inflammatory properties that are great for those who suffer from any kind of auto-immune disease. As you know, auto-immune disease is what happens when antibodies are present because your body is fighting a pathogen that scientific testing can’t detect yet. And the first sign of this happening is inflammation in the body. Inflammation can come from several different sources, but what we are learning is that most of these auto-immune diseases are starting in our gut. Celery juice can help because it actually starves the pathogens, and bad bacteria, that can cause these disorders! In fact, there have been REAL testimonials of people who have reversed their conditions thanks to celery juice! WHAT? Food, a healer?! GASP!

Contains Mineral Salts

Celery contains a wide variety of salts that act together as an antiseptic! This means it can destroy dangerous pathogens in our bodies that can lead to disease (like streptococcus). These salts also work together to help keep blood pressure balanced throughout the day, and kill neurotoxins that are created by these pathogens that can lead to neurological symptoms!

Build the Gut Microbiome

Because Celery has the ability to kill pathogens and “bad” bacteria, that leaves room for good bacteria to flourish! Now, I know we all talk about how we need both good and bad bacteria in the gut, and that is true! Celery only kills of pathogens and bacteria that the body no longer needs! It can also help fight against IBS, SIBO and other gut issues by “priming” the digestive tract so that our body is more able to digest food throughout the day! It does so by increasing levels of hydrochloric acid so that you can easily break down your food. Without this acid, our food can sometimes just sit in our stomachs , undigested, and cause “gut rot”. This gut rot can actually release ammonia into the body and cause sluggish bowels, slow liver function and leaky gut! This is where I have seen the biggest benefit in drinking celery juice!

celery juice

Fights against Depression, Anxiety, Brain Fog

We know from my previous blog post about natural anxiety supplements that the body benefits from things like GABA, and L-threonate to relax and calm the body. These supplements can also help your sleep! Well, celery juice can enhance the brains ability to absorb these supplements. Not to mention the mineral salts help to calm the central nervous system which is responsible for anxiety, depression, concentration, OCD etc. Celery juice also stabilizes and supports the adrenal glands for healthy hormones!

Balancing the bodies pH

Again, this comes back to it’s ability to create hydrochloric acid! This acid keeps the digestive tract alkaline and gives us the ability to break down food and have a balanced pH in our system!

How to Drink/Make Celery Juice

You don’t want to dive head first too quick. When you are just starting celery juice, start small. Maybe just a few ounces on an empty stomach every morning for a week and then slowly add onto it. This is because it is very potent, and for some people, too much too fast can cause a lot of upset and work in the opposite ways. So start slow.

You want to drink celery juice first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. This allows it to get into the digestive system (without food) and work it’s magic! Ideally you would consume about 12-16oz per day, which is about 1 bunch of celery.

It adds up quick, yes, but it is worth it for those suffering or looking for relief! You can use a juicer to make it (always wash the celery first) or you can blend in a blender with some water and the strain it using a nut milk bag or cheese cloth (like I do). It’s time consuming this way, but obviously saves you $40 for a juicer!

One this I will caution is people taking medications that interact with grapefruit juice to be careful when considering adding celery juice to their morning routine.

“Celery and grapefruit juice both contain natural chemicals called furanocoumarins that can raise the blood levels of certain medications. These medications include some statins, blood pressure, and anti-anxiety medications.”

I have been going strong with celery juice (at least 6 days a week) for a few months now. It has definitely helped my digestion to “get things moving” as I am usually one who is a little backed up…TMI? It has also helped me get off of my thyroid medication! I can tell I have more energy, and just FEEL better when I drink it. Some people like to call it a fad or a placebo..bit if you feel better, does it matter if it’s working? Anyways, this is just the benefits I have researched, and my personal opinion on it! Try it out if you feel like you have tried everything else, including Western Medicine, and still need relief!

* I am not a doctor. This information is not meant to be taken as personal medical advice and you should consult your doctor before use if you suffer from any illnesses or disease.*

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Haley Rowe March 9, 2019