Why Stress is The Next Black Plague

I am 100% serious here when I say stress is the number one reason women have a hard time losing weight. Yes, diet and exercise play a big role in a healthy lifestyle..but none of that matters if we don’t manage our stress. Notice how I said “manage”, not “get rid of”. I...


Why is Water Important – 6 Simple Facts

This may seem like a weird topic, because everyone knows we should be drinking water everyday. But do you know WHY? And if you did know all the specifics, you would also know that 8 cups a day just doesn’t cut it. It’s funny to me that ONE time someone came up with this crazy standard, a...


How to Transition off Hormonal Birth Control

The possible effects of hormonal birth control are getting more and more well known, but the problem is what happens next? Many women want to stop hormonal birth control but aren’t sure what to do after, or how exactly to go about it. It can be scary if birth control pills is all you have know...