Benefits of CBD oil – Boost your health

Do you believe in magic? Because if not, it’s because you haven’t tried a CBD oil. CBD (cannabidoil) has been studied more seriously over the past few years and has been proven to help with things like chronic pain and anxiety. Before you even wonder, yes, CBD is legal as it does not con...


Side Effects of Hormonal Birth Control

How many of you got on brith control when you were younger being told only about what it was going to help, and nothing about the side effects of hormonal birth control? We were told it can help acne, painful periods, irregular periods, PCOS, hormonal imbalances, protect against pregnancy etc. But f...


4 things your acne is really trying to tell you

If you’re like me you have, or still are, struggled with acne in your lifestyle. Typically it is when you are hitting puberty and your hormones are doing all sorts of crazy things. But it can still happen in adulthood, and usually for the same reasons. It amazes me that so many people just thi...


3 S’s for Balancing your Hormones

Our bodies cannot maintain life without hormones. Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, thyroid, adrenals…everything has a purpose. And because these hormones all work together to create a functioning body, if one of these key components is “out of whack” then there is not balance...