At-Home Intermediate Workouts


At home workouts are my jam, well, kind of. I love workouts that include every little equipment, that can be done anywhere, and are FAST! I don’t typically workout at home, but I do similar workouts in the gym. I get up at 5:30a to workout, and I can’t convince myself to do it when my “gym” would be my spare bedroom. BUT, you can do that! You can do these workouts in your spare bedroom, basement, living room…anywhere! These at home intermediate workouts are great for anyone with some workout experience and a goal!

At Home Intermediate Upper Body Workouts

These upper body workouts are going to BURN like crazy, but are a great use of your time! Workouts use either no equipment or very minimal (bands, dumbbells) equipment so they are great for anyone! Usually upper body workouts go one of two ways; women want to have arms like Cameron Diaz, or they are afraid to get bulky. Let me tell you something…you won’t get bulky. It takes YEARS of training, eating in a surplus and lifting HEAVY weights to get “bulky.” And getting Cameron Diaz arms means losing overall body fat. So these workouts can definitely benefit you in the gaining of muscle to slim down, and get you that toned look we are all after!

Upper Body Workout with Resistance Band

Mini Band Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

No Equipment Upper Body Workout


At Home Intermediate Lower Body Workouts

Leg day, Leg day, Leg day! The best part about working your lower body is that you really don’t need any equipment. You can do everything (squat, lunge, step) without any weights, without any equipment. Not to mention the fact that we use our legs everyday. Standing and sitting, walking, bending over, literally everything. It takes MUSCLE to lift your foot off the ground to even take a step. So if you don’t move it, you lose it!

Bodyweight leg workout 

Lower Body Dumbbell Workout

Lower Body Mini Band Workout

Lower Body Workout with Resistance Band

Lower Body Resistance Workout


At Home Intermediate Full Body Workouts

Full body workouts have a special place in my heart. They allow us to work all muscle groups, which includes our heart! When we exercise, our heart pumps faster and faster depending on the amount of energy we exert. So when we move faster, or include more muscle groups, our heart has to pump harder/faster to get the blood to the whole body to keep up! And by pumping harder, we are also growing our heart muscle, which is what keeps us healthy and able to keep up with our day to day exertions!

The benefit of full body workouts is that we get to work all muscle groups, and our heart at the same time..usually in less time than a low intensity, muscle specific workout!

Bodyweight HIIT workout

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Mini Band Full Body HIIT

Resistance Band Home Workout

At Home Intermediate Core Workouts

I will NEVER stop telling you that doing core workouts and crunches everyday isn’t going to give you a six pack. You cannot spot treat in one area, therefore you cannot just shrink your belly by just doing crunches. Core work is important because it literally helps you sit up and keep your posture…but it isn’t going to make you lose 6 inches in your waist. These core workouts are meant to give you a major burn and teach you to properly engage your core and breathe through it!

Bodyweight Core Workout

Dumbbell Core Workout

Ab Workout with Mini Band

Core workout with Resistance Band


 I love sharing these workouts with you guys, and giving you a place that you can have access to them all at once! I am truly passionate about what I do; I love to teach, to motivate, to encourage, and make people see how beneficial a healthy lifestyle is. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and it doesn’t have to be long..just move! Even if it is for 5 minutes, something is better than nothing. And I know not everyone knows what to do, or how to do it..which is why I create these workouts! Now let’s start sweating!

Haley Rowe February 11, 2019