Resistance Band Upper Body Workout (All fitness levels)


Resistance band upper body workout you can do from the comfort of your own home! Grab a resistance band that has a handle on each end and try out this workout that will have you sweating in minutes. I love how versatile bands can be, and the extra resistance it adds to the muscle. Something you may not know about resistance bands is that they can actually add more resistance than dumbbells! This is because dumbbells really only add resistance in one direction of the movement (the push) but with a band, it adds resistance both during the lowering and the raising of a movement! So grab your resistance band and try out this upper body workout!

Resistance band upper body workout

1 Giant Circuit: 2 times through!

〉20 Kneeling overhead press

〉10 Front/lateral raise

〉20 Seated row

〉10 Pull aparts

〉20 Upright row

〉10 Pushups

〉20 Bicep curls

〉20 Tricep kickbacks

Upper body workout video

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Resistance band exercises and modifications

Kneeling overhead press

Form: Kneel down on the band and hold the handles. Keeping your back flat and core tight you are going to press the band over your head and then come back down to a 90 degree elbow and 90 degree shoulder! Make sure you keep tension on the band the entire time!

Modifications: Resistance of the band determines difficulty. If you cannot kneel, place the band under a chair and sit in the chair.

Front/lateral raise

Form: Stand with both feet on the center of the band and hold the handles. Keeping your elbows straight you are going to raise your arms in-front of you, then return back to your sides. Then straight out to the sides and back down. Both movements is 1 rep. Make sure you do not arch your back. If the resistance is too much, you can just step on the band with one foot, if you need more resistance you can separate your feet and add more tension.

Modifications: Resistance of band determines difficulty.

Seated row

Form: Sit with your legs out in-front of you and the band wrapped around your feet. Hold the handles; keeping your back flat, legs straight and core tight you are going to bend your elbows and squeeze your shoulder blades together. You want to make sure you keep your elbows close to your sides and act as though there is an egg between your shoulder blades that you are trying to crack.

Modifications: If you need more tension, cross the band at your feet and grab opposite handles. If you cannot sit on the floor, you can sit on a chair your legs straight out and the band around your feet still.

Pull aparts

Form: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart and grab onto the band with both hands (not the handles). Raise your arms straight out in-front of you so that the band is at chest height. Pull the band apart so your arms go out to your sides and the band comes down to meet your chest. You want to think about using your back to pull the band apart. Keep your core tight and elbows straight the entire time.

Modifications: If you need more resistance, hold the band closer together. If you need less resistance hold the band further apart.

Upright row

Form: Stand on the band with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab the handles and start with your hands on your thighs with your palms facing in. Act as though you are running your hands up your body and raise your elbows out to the sides. You should end with your hands at your chest, elbows out at 90 degrees! Make sure to keep your core tight and back flat.

Modifications: Difficulty depends on resistance of band.


Form: For this one you can use the band, or not use it, that is entirely up to you! If you use it you want to wrap the band around you (so it is across your back) and the band/handles are under your armpits. Get into a pushup position, your hands will be on the handles of the band. Perform a pushup as you usually would (core tight, back flat), the band is just going to add some extra resistance to your pushup.

Modifications: You can perform them without the band or you can drop down to your knees and do them using the band.

Bicep curls

Form: Stand on the band and hold the handles. Keep your elbows tucked at your sides as you bend them and bring your hands to your shoulders. Make sure you are resisting the band both as your bend then and as you return them back to your sides.

Modifications: Resistance of the band determines the difficulty.

Tricep kickbacks

Form: Stand on the band and hold the handles. Bend forward at the waist so your back is flat, keeping your core engaged. Palms facing backwards and elbows tucked at your sides you are going to straighten your arms. Make sure you straighten them all the way to engage your triceps.

Modifications: Resistance of the band determines the difficulty.


Warming up and Cooling Down

You always want to make sure you are warming up and cooling down whenever you exercise. This is incredibly important when it comes to preventing injury and also enhancing recovery. Think of it like a seasonal boat. When you get it out in the summer you have to prep it before it goes in the water. And when you take it out for the season before putting it in storage you have to prepare it and “winterize” it so that it lasts until next season! You want to make sure your body is primed for exercise and then cool it down to make sure you are ready to go next time!

Grab your band and try this resistance band warm up:

〉10 Rows

〉10 Chest press

〉10 Pull aparts

〉20 Jumping jacks (no band)

Post workout cool down:

〉Doorway chest stretch (arms out to sides in doorway to stretch chest)

〉Arm circles forward/backwards

〉Side bend reach over (reach to the left overhead with your right arm and vice versa)


A great upper body workout you can do with just a resistance band! If you want to try more workouts like this, please check out my youtube channel and subscribe!

Haley Rowe September 5, 2018