Lower Body Resistance Workout – At home


This type of resistance is a little different than you are probably thinking. This lower body resistance workout is using sliders! You can either purchase these online, or you can simply just use hand towels/socks/paper plates or anything else you have laying around the house. It might sound simple but just changing the fact that both feet are not actually anchored to the floor can be pretty difficult! The key here is working to improve the unilateral movements, as well as working the core and balance at the same time. If you’re ready for this at-home lower body resistance workout to see just how far you are willing to challenge yourself..let’s get started!

At Home Lower Body Workout

SUPERSETS (meaning two exercises back to back with no rest between); 3 sets of each


• 10(e) reverse lunge

• 12 Squat with 1 leg going fwd, side, bkwd each rep

• 10(e) hamstring curl

• 20 plank in and outs

• 10(e) curtsy lunge

• 10(e) squat with half circle


Lower body slider workout video

[vc_wtr_youtube url=”GhsOOPzLbME” size=”640-480″ width=”480″ height=”360″ resolution=”hd720″ align=”none” theme=”dark” color=”c_red” el_class=”” autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″ showinfo=”1″ rel=”1″]

Slider exercise explanations and modifications

Reverse lunge

Form: Place your slider under one foot (mostly under the toe and keep your heel up) and slide backwards into a lunge position (kiss the floor with your knee) and then stand back up. You want to make sure you are driving into the slider and you push back and pull forward. This is going to help fire your leg muscles more, as well as creating more of an isometric contraction in the muscle. Make sure your core is tight so you do not lose your balance! It can take some getting used to, but it is a great workout for the stabilizer muscles.

Modification: Hold onto a chair to make things a bit easier on your balance, but try not to put too much pressure on the hand causing your legs to do less work. To make it harder you can hold a dumbbell on the side that has the slider!

Squat with 1 leg going forward/side/back

Form: Place on foot on the slider and bend both knees. In a squatted position (weight in heels, butt back and core tight) you are going to take the foot that is on the slider and slide it forward, center, lateral, center, back, center. Keep most (if not all) of your weight in the anchored foot. You want to try and stay in the lunged position the entire time so that you can feel a major burn in the leg with the slider. Do all reps on one leg before switching to the other!

Modification: Again, hold onto something to help with balance and stand up between reps if you need to! To make things harder you can hold weights or drop deeper into the squat!

Hamstring curl

Form: Lye flat on your back with the slider under 1 foot (make sure it is under your heel). Bend your knees and situate yourself for a glute bridge (feet shoulder width apart, weight in heels) and then pick your hips up. The foot on the slider is going to straighten out (keeping glutes up) and then bend back in. MAKE SURE you are driving down into that heel and actively pushing down so that you fire your hamstrings. Keep your core tight and make sure you straighten the leg all the way before bending it back into the glute bridge position.

Modification: To make things easier you can leave your hips on the floor and start there. To make things harder you can use 2 sliders and do both legs at once!

Plank in and outs

Form: Start in a high plank position with a slider under each foot. Make sure your wrists are stacked under your shoulders, your back is flat and your core is engaged. Both feet at the same time are gong to slide out to the slide and then slide back together. Again, actively pressing down into the sliders to engage the muscles. This is going to work the inside and outside of the thighs!

Modification: Try doing 1 foot at a time to make things easier, or elevate your hands on a chair to decrease the angle.

Curtsy lunge

Form: Place one foot on the slider and prepare for a curtsy lunge. Make sure just your toe is on your slider and you slide back behind the standing foot and then return to standing. Make sure the standing foot knee bends and you are actively pressing down into the slider. If your right foot is on the slider (your left knee should bend as the right foot comes back behind the left and the knee touches the ground like a lunge and then returns back to start). Complete all reps on one side before switching. Make sure you are driving into the standing heels so that your glutes are engaged!

Modification: Do not go down as far until you get the hang of it. To make things more difficult you can hold onto dumbbells.

Squat with half circle

Form: This movement is very similar to our squat with the forward/side/back reach. Except this time you are slider your leg around into a half circle and then reversing. So place the sider under one foot and get into a squat position  (most of your weight should be in the anchored foot). Reach the slider leg forward and bring it around to the back, pressing down into the slider the entire movement. Once you get to the back you want to then slide it around back to the front. Make sure you stay in the squat position (knees bent, core tight, back flat) and really think about getting full extension in the leg on the slider!

Modification: Hold onto something to make it a little easier, but you want to still try to get full range of motion!

Workout warm up and cool down

I will NEVER let you skip a warm up or cool down because they are so important. Imagine running a 5 mile race having never ran before in your life. Or imagine running a marathon and then just sitting down for 5 hours right after; both seem like pretty bad ideas. One is going to cause you to possibly injure yourself for not being prepared and the other is going to cause you extreme soreness and cramping from not moving around and dropping your heart rate. Same goes for a warm up and cool down when you do a regular workout!

Warm up:

• 20 Jumping Jacks

• 20 Seal Jacks

• 10 Alternating lunges

• 20 Glute bridges

Cool Down:

• Seated hamstring stretch (hold for 30 seconds on each leg)

• Standing quad stretch (hold each side for 30 seconds)

• Lateral side to side stretch (hold 30 seconds on each side)

• Lying glute stretch (on back bringing knee up to chest, 30 second hold on each side)


DONE and DUSTED! Way to get your workout in and start changing your life for the better, I’ll catch you guys next week for another great slider workout!

Haley Rowe September 26, 2018