20 minute HIIT workout to burn calories all day [videos included]


20 minutes. 20 minutes is all you need to get a workout in that will keep you burning calories ALL DAY LONG. Why? Because it is a high intensity, all out, balls to the walls, 20 minutes that is going to then increase your EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). In other words, your body is going to spend all day recovering from this workout, which is a huge benefit for you as you sit in your office chair burning calories! To refresh your memory on HIIT training and its benefits, check out my blog here.

As I said, you will set a timer for 20 minutes and JUST. KEEP. MOVING. Rest when you need to, but get right back into it. You have already decided to workout, changed clothes, and pressed play…you might as well PUSH HARD through your workout and really show up for yourself! I love workouts that I get to compete against myself. So keep track of your rounds, and then the next time you do it, you can try to beat your rounds! It makes it much more exciting! So, without further ado, your 20 minute HIIT workout!

At Home–HIIT Workout–Intermediate

Set a 20 minute timer and START MOVING!

20  X Jumps

10 Plank butt kicks (each leg)

20 Squat walks 

10 burpee jacks

10 (5) seal jacks with (2) knee drives each side


HIIT workout video

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Exercise Explanations and Modifications

X Jumps

Nothing like jumping and reaching and twisting to get your heart rate up!

Form: Always think “CORE TIGHT”, you’ll never hear me say that enough! For this exercise, jump up as if you are making an ‘X’ and then squat down and touch opposite hand to opposite foot! Make sure the weight is in your heels and you are squatting down to touch not bending forward at the waist!

Modification: Take out the jump and simply just reach up and then bend down and touch the foot. You can also hold dumbbells during this movement, but make sure they are not too heavy.

Plank butt kicks

Like I always say, core tight here! This is an interesting movement, not one that people are going to be used to doing. But challenge yourself!

Form: In a high plank position on your hands (shoulders over wrists), kick your butt with one foot at a time. This is much like butt kicks in the standing position, you are just laid out in a plank instead to make it more difficult!

Modification: Instead of adding a jump/hop, just lift a foot and try to kick your butt and set it back down before picking up the other one! The more difficult route is to move as quickly as you can without shifting your hips too much.

Squat walks 

This is an endurance exercise that is going to burn those leg muscles to the point of major fatigue! But keep pushing through it!

Form: Get down into a squat position and walk forward 4 steps, and then backwards 4 steps. Staying low the entire time, with your core right, chest up and but down!

Modification: No modification here, just take breaks when you need to! Making things harder is as simple as holding weights, or putting a band around the knees!

Burpee jacks

Just when you thought burpees were bad enough, I added in a little spice!

Form: This starts out like a regular burpee…hands down, jump back (keeping core tight so hips do not sag), then jump your feet out wide like a jumping jack, stand up and then jump in/up! Sounds confusing, watch the video to get a full visual!

Modification: To make things easier you can take out all the jumps and just simply step your legs to each position! There is no harder version, just upping the speed or reps will be enough!

Seal jacks with knee drive

This movement combines a lot of different muscle groups to just keep your heart rate up and your body moving.

Form: Seal jacks are much like jumping jacks, except your arms open up to a T instead of an X. You will do 5 of these, and then 2 (on each side) knee drives. For the knee drive, use your core to pull that knee up. You want to do this as fast as you can, but keeping your core tight and your form perfect.

Modification: Omit the jump to make it easier, just simply step-tap for the seal jacks and then the knee drives stay the same! To make things harder just increase the repetitions or hold light dumbbells.

Workout Warm-up and Cool Down

Just like any other workout, it is important to get some movement in before and after a HIIT workout so that you are taking care of your muscles and joins! Even if we are just going for a run, or doing some yoga, you always want to warm the body up beforehand and the cool the body down afterwards. This is going to prevent any kind of injury that could results from a cold/tight muscle and also decrease the chances of sore muscles after your workout.

HIIT warm-up:

· :30 jogging in place

· 10 Toy Soldiers (kicking leg straight in front of you and meeting it with opposite hand)

· 10 Knee Hugs (pull knee to chest)

· 20 Jumping Jacks

HIIT cool down:

· 10 each way (arm circles backwards, forwards, open/close, and scissors)

· :30 each side standing hamstring stretch

· :30 each side legs crossed and reaching overhead and tilted AWAY from front leg

· :30 each side standing quadriceps stretch

Once you have cooled down, make sure you fuel up with some good, clean protein and carbohydrates to re-feed those muscle stores you just used up! You want to also make sure you are drinking enough water to flush out the broken down tissues, usually at least a gallon a day! I hope you enjoyed this workout, see you next week!


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