Mini Band HIIT Workout At Home


Mini band HIIT workout to tax your cardiovascular system and work your muscles!

Yes, it is true that resistance training is going to increase your heart rate and therefore work your cardiovascular system, but not enough.

Resistance training increases your heart rate because the blood is needed at the site of the exercise.

When doing interval/cardio training your heart rate is increasing because your whole body is needing blood and oxygen to do the work.

That is why you find yourself more tired when doing full body movements than when you are just doing a bicep curl.

The more muscles being used, the more energy/blood you needed which increases the rate at which your heart pumps it!

Mini bands are great because they add a level of resistance that is versatile enough to get a great cardiovascular workout in.

You can do this workout anywhere that you have your mini bands (in the gym, at- home, on the road).

At Home Mini Band Workout

4 Rounds of Each Exercise

» 20 Plank jacks (4 sets, rest :15 between each)

» 20 Glute bridge with marches (4 sets, rest :15 between each)

» 20 Skaters (4 sets, rest :15 between each)

» 20 Plank Walks (4 sets, rest :15 between each)

» 20 Jump Squats (4 sets, rest :15 between each)

Mini Band HIIT Workout Video

Exercises Explanations and Modifications

Plank jacks

Form: Place band around your ankles and get into a pushup position. Keeping your core tight and shoulders over wrists, jump your legs out to the sides and then back in. It is basically like a horizontal jumping jack. You want to make sure you are keeping a strong core so that your hips do not drop down when you are jumping out, that is going to cause you to strain your back.

Modification: Instead of jumping you can simply just step tap one foot out to the side at a time, or you can even elevate your hands on a chair or wall so you are not all the way down on the floor.

Glute bridge with marches

Form: Place band above your knees and lay on your back with your knees bent. Pick your hips up off the floor like a glute bridge and alternate marching. You want to keep your core and glutes tight to hold the bridge the entire time!

Modification: Resistance of the band is going to make things easier or harder.


Form: Place the band above your knees and you are going to perform speed skaters. This is a lateral movement; so you are going to jump to the right with your right foot and set your left foot down behind as you reach to the floor with your left hand, then you are going to jump to the left with your left foot and reach to the floor with your right hand. The point here is to just as far laterally as you can while maintaining your balance.

Modification: Instead of jumping you can just step from side to side.

Plank Walks

Form: Place band around hands and start in a pushup position. You are going to step from side to side with your arm and leg at the same time. This means, you step to the right with your right hand/foot and then bring the left in to meet it, and then go the opposite way with your left hand/foot stepping out to the side and the right coming in to meet it. Keep your core tight, butt down and shoulders stacked over your wrists.

Modification: Drop down to your knees and just walk your hands from side to side. Make sure you are still in a straight line from the top of your head to your knees.

Jump Squats

Form: Place band above knees and get into a squat stance. You are going to perform jump squats (squatting down and then jumping out of it, landing in a squat position) making sure you are putting resistance on the band with each squat! Core is tight, back is flat and weight is always in your heels!

Modification: Take out the jump and just perform banded squats.

Workout Warm up and Cool Down

For a great full body dynamic warm up and static stretch cool down check out my blog posts!

These routines can be done before/after any workout and it is a sure way to prime your body for exercise or cool you down and decrease muscle soreness!

Thanks for working out with my today and I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel for more at home workouts!


Haley Rowe August 23, 2018