5 minute full body dynamic warmup (all fitness levels)


I always talk about how incredibly important it is to warmup before every workout, so I thought I would share a general warm-up with you all! I make every single one of my clients (in person and online) do this warmup before every workout. Sometimes I will add in a few extra things depending on what the plan is for that days workout, but this is a great general workout for anyone and everyone. You don’t need a long and fancy warm-up, and you also don’t need to change it up everyday. Think about doing something you have never done before as a “warm up”. That makes no sense because you are not aware of the movements and therefore you are not relaxing, understanding and going through the full motion. So here is a quick 5 minute full body dynamic warmup you can do anywhere!

Dynamic Warmup

• 20 Marches

• 20 Buttkicks

• 20 Toy Soldiers

• 20 Knee pulls

• 20 Quadriceps stretch with overhead reach

• 10 side lunges with reach (per side)

• 10 lunges with twist (per side)

• 10 walk outs

• 10 arm swings (each direction)

Dynamic Warmup video

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Full workout videos available on my YouTube Channel!

Warmup explanations


Form: Keeping your core tight, alternate marching legs up one at a time towards chest.


Form: Alternate kicking legs towards butt. Getting foot as close as you can towards your glutes.

Toy Soldiers

Form: Reaching opposite hand towards opposite foot as you kick forward. You want to try and meet your hand and foot, but if you cannot touch just get your foot as high as you can!

Knee pulls

Form: One leg at a time, grab your shin with both hands and pull your leg up to your chest. This will give you a good stretch in the hamstrings/glutes, alternate legs.

Quadriceps stretch with overhead reach

Form: One leg at a time, grab your foot (behind you) and pull it towards your glutes as you reach the opposite arm over your head. This is going to give you a stretch down the front of the leg and into the hip flexor.

Side lunges with reach (per side)

Form: This is just like a lateral lunge. Step out to the side, keep the weight in your heel as you sit back and reach your opposite hand to the instep of that foot. You are going to feel a big pull in your inner thigh and glute, that is what we want! Do 10 repetitions before switching to the other side!

Lunges with twist (per side)

Form: This is going to be alternating lunges, but I actually want you to set that knee down. So you will step out into a lunge and fully set the knee on the floor. From there you will make a 90 degree angle with your shoulders and elbows (or a goalpost) and twist right, left and then come back to center and stand up. Switch legs and repeat for 10 repetitions on each leg.

Walk outs

Form: With your feet shoulder width apart; you are going to bend down and walk your hands out into a pushup position. Keeping your core tight, slowly walk your hands back in towards your feet keeping your knees straight for as long as possible. Stand fully up and then repeat for 10 repetitions.

Arm swings (each direction)

Form: This movement is just to get some extra motion in the shoulders and help to open up the chest and rotator cuff. You want to start with big circles backwards, then forwards, then open and close and then scissors. Each movement should be done for 10 repetitions before moving on.

Again, a great warmup precursor for any time of workout routine! This should only take you about 5-8 minutes to complete and from there you are good to go to start your exercise routine. Check out this full body workout you can do after this great dynamic warmup!

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Haley Rowe June 13, 2018