At-Home Advanced Workouts


Even those who have worked out for years (hi, me!) still need workout ideas now and then (hi, me again!). That is why I wanted to make workouts suitable for those who have been around the block a few times. All workouts are short in duration, but pack a big punch! Everything ranging from a full bodyweight workout, to using bands and even sliders! It is fun to just change things up now and then and challenge your bodies in ways it isn’t used to!

At Home Advanced Upper Body Workouts

These workouts are all short, sweet, and definitely going to burn like crazy! Women tend to stray away from doing upper body workouts because they are afraid to get “bulky.” Well, let me tell you, it’s harder than you think it is! Doing upper body exercises are going to help you do daily activities like open jars, move furniture and carry groceries! So don’t be afraid to lift weights and do your pushups!

Bodyweight Upper Body Workout

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Upper Body Workout with Resistance Band

Mini Band Upper Body Workout

At Home Advanced Lower Body Workouts

Workouts you do at home can still be effective! Just a few pieces of equipment like some dumbbells and bands can go a long way. Not to mention lower body workouts burn the most calories because the muscle group is so large. These workouts are also very short in duration, so you don’t need an hour to get a good sweat in.

Bodyweight Lower Body Workout

Lower Body Dumbbell Workout

Lower Body Mini Band Workout

Lower Body Workout with Resistance Band

At Home Advanced Full Body Workout

Interval training has incredible benefits, so it’s no secret that these workouts are going to be amazing! They target all muscle groups and will also work your cardiovascular system in the process. Most of these workouts are timed, so you can just start the timer and switch when necessary (skip the rep counting). 20 minutes and you will be DONE!

Bodyweight Full Body Workout

Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Full Body Dumbbell Workout

Mini Band HIIT Workout

Full Body Resistance Band Workout

At Home Advanced Ab Workouts

You want the strength to plank for 1 minute without stopping, or maybe you want to press 50lbs over your head? Both of these movements require a lot of core strength. Any compound movement like squat, overhead pressing or even pull-ups are going to use the core. This is because you have to keep your core engaged at all times to make sure the body is rigid and moving as one. So work those abs, but not too much, because more sit-ups doesn’t necessarily mean a 6 pack!

Bodyweight Core Workout

Dumbbell Ab Workout

Ab Workout with Mini Band

Ab Workout with Resistance Band

Working out is a small portion of your day. If you do an hour workout (which isn’t always necessary) is 4% of your day. 4 PERCENT?! That is nothing in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention that 4% can make the rest of your day more productive, allow you to sleep better, and likely make better food choices. Small changes add up to big results. You don’t have to change and adjust everything overnight. Make 1 change for 30 days, and then a second thing for 30 days. And I suggest starting with a 20 minute workout, because that feeling bleeds into the rest of your life!

Haley Rowe February 28, 2019