Full Body At Home Workout Routine–Videos and Explanations


NO gym, NO equipment….at-home workout routine you can do with…NO spacious area, NO countless hours.

Bringing you another quick and effective workout you can do from the comfort of your own home. SUPERSETS is the name of the game today.

Superset:  doing two exercises back to back without rest.

This is going to save you time, increase your heart rate and start to fatigue those muscles faster. ALL of these things are what make a great workout…doing it from home is just an added bonus.

Plus, doing bouts of high intensity along with strength is going to help boost your metabolism and get you into a fat burning stage! So let’s dive into this at home workout routine I am talking about!

At-Home Workout Routine–Full Body–Advanced Workout

At Home Workout–Supersets: 3 sets of each 

· 10 (each side) Reverse lunge to knee drive

· 10 Pushups to shoulder tap

· 10 Star sit-up

· 10 Burpees

· 15 ¾ squats

· 10 Deep walkouts

· 15 V sit in and outs

· 20 Log jumps

At Home Workout Video

[vc_wtr_youtube url=”j61bM_T4Xt8″ size=”640-480″ width=”480″ height=”360″ resolution=”hd1080″ align=”center” theme=”dark” color=”c_red” el_class=”” autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″ showinfo=”1″ rel=”1″]

Full video available HERE

Explanations and Modifications for Workout Routine

Reverse Lunge to Knee Drive

This movement is not only going to work your legs, but also core/pelvic stability as well!

FORM: Like any lunge, you want to thinking about: stepping back, dropping straight down, driving straight up and then coming together. For this specific move, you want to try to keep your foot off the ground between lunges. Just lunge back, bring that knee all the way forward (using your core to pull it up) and then straight back into the next lunge.

MODIFICATION: Set your food down between lunges to make it easier. You can also not go down as deep into the lunge if you feel weak/unstable. Or you can do forward lunges if those are an easier modification for you as well.

Pushups to Shoulder Tap

Another great move that incorporates multiple muscle groups (are you sensing a trend?) These moves are not going to make you stronger in your upper body, but also in your core/truck, which is an extremely important aspect of having a healthy body.

FORM: You want to be in a straight line from your toes to the top of your head. Make your hands wide on the floor and push through not just your palms, but all your fingers. Drop down as low as possible, and then drive up pushing your elbows inward. When you are tapping your shoulders, try not to let your hips swing from side to side. You want to stay nice and straight with a strong core.

MODIFICATION: Drop down to your knees for the pushups, but remember to keep your hips pushed to the floor (straight line from the top of your head to your knees). You can also not go down as low, or take out the shoulder tap as well. but make sure you are challenging yourself!

Star Sit-Up

 Working more of those core muscles, but focusing on controlling the movement both up and down.

FORM: Feet wide and arms wide, both out straight. Use your abdominal muscles to pull you up and twist, reaching opposite hand to opposite foot. Slowly lower yourself down and maintain control through the entire movement.

MODIFICATION: Start out by just putting your arms straight to the ceiling and lifting up. Engage that core to help you and then lower back down. Then progress to regular sit-ups and then star sit-ups. You want to AWAYS remember to control the movement and breathe through it!


Yes, that horrible exercise that everyone seems to hate so much. Workings SO many muscles at the same time which spikes your heart rate and makes you want to throw up and give up all at the same time.

FORM: FLAT PALMS, is what I need you to remember. Hands to the floor, jump your feet back (into a pushup position, don’t let your hips sag), jump your feet back in and then jump up. Your core is tight through the entire motion and you want to make sure you are not cheating….aka using only fingertips or not standing all the way up.

MODIFICATION: Take out the jumps. Hands on the floor, step back, step in and then stand up. Try elevating your hands on a chair/bench as well.

 ¾ Squats

Think “time under tension”. You want to keep those leg muscles in a contracted state for as long as possible before fully standing up and relaxing. This is going to increase muscle endurance.

FORM: Like any other squat, make sure your knees and toes are facing forward, sit your butt back “into the chair”, keep the weight in your heels. When you come up, only come 3/4 of the way up before dropping back down into your full squat. Core stays tight and chest is up, and weight is always in the heels.

MODIFICATION: Smaller squat pulses rather than a 3/4 squat range. You can also do a few 3/4 squats and then fully come out of the position to relax and then start again. Remember, it is supposed to burn, work through it!

Deep Walkouts

These seem like they aren’t going to totally kick your butt, but they will. This movement is working ALL muscle groups, so make sure you are concentrating on form!

FORM: Drop your hands down to the floor, keeping your legs as straight as possible; walk your hands out as far as you can (past pushup position) while keeping your core tight and hips steady, and then walk your hands back to your feet keeping your legs as straight as possible and then stand up. You want to make sure you aren’t swaying from side to side or rotating your hips.

MODIFICATION: Walk out only to pushup position and then return back to standing. Or you can go from your knees and walk out as far as possible and then back into quadruped position.

V-Sit In and Outs

You are going to want a mat or rug for this one as it can hurt your tailbone. You also want to really make sure your form is spot on, otherwise work your way up to this movement. We don’t want to cause any extra pressure or twisting on the spine.

FORM: sit up with your knees bent and leaned back (almost on your tailbone). Keeping your chest up and back FLAT, pick those feet up off the floor. Next you want to reach your arms out to the sides and kick your legs forward and then pull them back together using your abdominal muscles. It is EXTREMELY important that your back stays flat and you do not round, because this can cause issues with alignment and spine health. If you feel you are losing your form (or can’t get it correct to start) then revert to the modification.

MODIFICATION: Keep your feet on the floor as you lean back and forward with your torso. Remember to use your abdominal muscles and keep a flat back. If this is still too difficult you can always go back to the start with some core activation to increase your strength!

Log Jumps

These are a sure way to raise your heart rate and burn out those shoulders, but make sure you are landing softly to save those knees/feet!

FORM: In a push-up position, keeping your feet together, jump with both feet side to side. You want to perform it as if you are “jumping over a log” hence the name. Core is tight, no sagging in the lower back and keep your shoulders over your wrists (because that is your strongest point).

MODIFICATION: In a push-up position, step your feet from side to side rather than jumping. I understand jumping an

d bouncing can be very hard for joints if we are not well conditioned.

Warm Up and Cool Down: Important Parts of An Exercise Routine

When we think about working out, it is usually just the exercise portion. Very rarely do we warm-up and cool down

streching(unless we are specifically told to do it) but it is SO IMPORTANT for overall healthy and mobility of your body! So next time you think about skipping that stretch to go home and eat or doing an extra set instead of stretching…STOP and re-evaluate. That stretch is so much more beneficial than that extra set, and that food will be there when you are done! So make a habit to include a warm-up and cool down with every workout, even schedule out the time for it!


This weeks warm-up:

• High Knees

• Butt Kicks

• Spiderman hip lift

• Walk outs

• High Plank to Downdog

This weeks cool down:

• Open book-laying on side opening arms up to a T

• Glute Stretch- cross foot over opposite knee and pull bottom leg in (figure 4)

• Knee Sways- bend knees to 90 degrees and drop them from side to side

• Quad Stretch- stand up and grab ankle behind you (hold on for balance)

Because I an emphasizing the importance of warming up and cooling down, I wanted to share the link to my Instagram with you here. Every Monday I post #mobilitymonday that is just simple exercises to get us moving and increase flexibility. You can also find me by using the handle @_endorphitness

Thanks for joining me for another at-home workout! Be on the lookout for Fridays blog post written under the Lifestyle umbrella. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel below for the FULL workout video that you can just press play and follow along!

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