Mini Band Core Workout – Workout in 15 minutes


Ya’ll love your core workouts – so I am bringing you some fresh content to spice up your routine.

This one is a little more challenging, but there are modifications (as usual) within the video so anyone can do it. I feel like I always need to put a disclaimer on ab workouts to tell you that doing this workout over and over and over again is not going to give you a 6 pack.

In order to see visible abs, you need to make sure your nutrition is in check, and you are doing strength training workouts to build muscle on the whole body to help burn fat and change your body composition.

Core workouts are going to, yes, strengthen your core, but they aren’t going to burn fat at your stomach to make them visible.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble and be the bearer of bad news.

Anyways, let’s dive into todays mini band core workout and see just how sweaty we can get!


For this workout all you need is a mini band! You can get these on HopeFitnessGear website, use code HALEY and get 20% off your order.

It’s a steal, you’re welcome.

If you don’t have a mini band and don’t want to purchase one, you can still do this workout without it.

Just use a towel for the thread and the Russian twist, and no resistance for the plank walks or the mountain climbers.

Everything is modifiable (huh, didn’t think that was going to be a word). Anyways, happy we go!


This workout is under 15 minutes, heck yes. I do breakdown the exercises at the beginning so the video is a bit longer, but I promise it is short, sweet and effective.

You don’t need to do core for 45 minutes to get a strong core.

Just a few minutes here or there is solid.

So press play on this 15 minute burner and see just how good it is.


With the modifications given and even the use (or not) of a mini band, any fitness level can do this workout.

It simply comes down to using the modifications to make it easier/harder, or even adding in or taking away rounds as well.

So many different ways a workout can be changed to fit your needs.



plank walk

This is a simple, yet effective exercise that can be thrown into any workout. Resistance or not, you will find that the stability and contraction are enough.

Form: Get into a pushup position with your wrists under your shoulders and on your toes (mini band is around the ankles). At the same time, take your right hand/foot and step out laterally to the side. Then bring the left hand/foot in to meet it back at the starting position. Try not to rotate hips side to side, and keep a solid foundation at the core. The mini band is going to add some resistance and try to make you rotate, stay strong!

Modification: To make this easier, you can drop down to your knees and just walk your hands side to side. If you are trying to make it difficult, you can increase the band resistance.

thread the needle

This is an advanced movement, but I can break down a modification. Just make sure for this exercise you are focusing on a flat back and not just the movement of the band/towel.

Form: Start in a seated position with your feet flat on the floor, holding both sides of the mini band in your hands. You are then going to crunch your knees to your chest and bring the band under the feet/legs (still holding the band). And then you will straighten your legs, having your band then under your legs. Then you crunch your knees up again, and move the band back above the legs in the starting position. It is a very tricky movement, so please use modifications as needed.

Modification: To make it easier, you can omit the band and just do a lemon squeezer bringing the knees to chest and straightening without the band rotation.  There really is not reason to make this exercise harder than it is, haha.

mountain climbers

You probably know this exercise as a cardio movement and trying to quickly drive your knees towards your chest. Well, we slow it down here for a solid core contraction.

Form: Place the mini band around the arches of your feet and get into a pushup position (hands and toes, wrists stacked under the shoulders with your hips down/level). One at a time you are going to pull your knee up towards your chest, moving slow, working on the contraction through the core and resistance of the band, then replacing the foot down and alternating sides. It’s important to note that the point here is the strong pull of the mini band with a flat back rather than moving quickly to switch back and forth.

Modification: To make this one easier you can use a lighter mini band, or omit the mini band. To make it harder just increase the resistance on the mini band.

Russian twist

This is another simple, and slow movement where we need to think about our rotation, form and entire core rather than just the quick movement.

Form: Sit on your butt with your legs bent and feet on the floor in front of you. Grab your mini band by both sides, lean back onto your tailbone and lift your feet off the floor. Keeping your back straight and your inner core unit pulled it, rotate the band from side to side. Making sure you follow the band with your head and keep your back flat – no rounding forward to try to keep yourself up.

Modification: To make this easier you can set your feet on the ground, as well as leaning up a little bit so you are at less of an angle. To make it harder you can place your hands inside the band and push into the band as you rotate from side to side.



You want to make sure you are warming up before your workouts, and cooling down afterwords.

This will help to prime you for the work you are about to do, and slow your heart rate down when you are done for better recovery.

So many people say they don’t have time to warm up and cool down, but I am going to guess that you 2-3 minutes before and after your workout.

Because that is a lot quicker than recovering from an injury is going to be. Be smart with your training, and be smart with your body.

I know we all have specific goals and those don’t usually include “limit injury and be flexible” but they are important parts of your fitness game…as well as the health of your body as a whole.

Here are a few videos you can check out to get ideas for your own warm up and cool down.

Here is a great warm up video!

And here is a great cool down video!

I hope you love this workout and come back for more sweaty at home workouts!

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Haley Rowe September 5, 2020