At home ab workout in 15 minutes or less


This at home ab workout can be done in 10 minutes or less, and from anywhere! I love to write workouts that don’t require a gym or extra equipment because it means ANYONE can do them, ANYWHERE and that is what fitness is about. It is about finding ways to move your body that you find enjoyable, without the extra stress. If you are someone who likes going to the gym, you can do that. And if you are someone who likes to stay in your home (or don’t have access to a gym), you can do that. Fitness is not a one size fits all approach, and that is the best part about it! Give this at home ab workout a try and see how long it takes you!


At home–Ab workout–advanced level

SUPERSETS: 2 sets each

1:00 plank

20 snap jumps

:30 Side plank

20 plank to side plank

:30 side plank

20 bird dog plank

1:00 hallow hold

20 lying side crunch

At home workout video

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Exercise modifications and explanations


The most basic movement for core engagement. There are a lot of variations for this movement!

Form: Elbows and toes. Make sure your core and glutes are engaged, back is flat, and shoulders are stacked on top of your elbows. You want to be in a straight line from the top of your head to your toes, no butts in the air!

Modification: You can drop down to your knees and plank from there to make it easier. You can hold the plank longer to make it harder, or even pick up one leg at a time.

Snap jumps

This movement can turn into a cardio move that fires your quadriceps if you are not focusing on pulling with your abdominal muscles, so make sure you concentrate!

Form: In a pushup position, jump your feet up towards your hands (keeping your legs straight) and then jump back into your high plank. Make sure you are using your core to pull your butt up in the air. You also want to make sure you don’t let your low back “sag” when jumping back into your high plank.

Modifications: Instead of jumping, you can slowly walk your feet towards your hands (again, keeping your legs straight) and then walk back out into your pushup position. You can also elevate your hands on something (like the wall or a chair) so that you are not on the floor, the incline will make things easier.

Side plank

A great exercise for your obliques that is often overlooked! This is another holding exercise that is going to work muscle endurance.

Form: On your elbow and side of your foot (you can either stack your feet or put them one in front of the other) you are planking on your side. Make sure your core and glutes are tight, you should be in a straight line from your head to your toes. Make sure your elbow is stacked under your shoulder as this is your strongest point. You can rest your other arm in the air, on your hip or behind your head.

Modification: To make it easier you can drop down to the side of your knee. This is going to shorten the level and decrease the difficulty. To make it harder you can increase the time or lift the top leg up in the air.

Plank to side plank

This exercise is meant to target all of your abdominal muscles by adding in a rotation.

Form: Starting in a plank position on your elbows (elbows under shoulders for most support), pick up one hand and open up to reach that hand to the ceiling. This means you are also shifting your weight so you are essentially in a side-plank. Then return back to your elbow plank and switch sides. You want to make sure your core and glutes are tight the entire time.

Modifications: You can drop down to your knees and perform this, but you will not be rotating as much. You can also just do a plank and alternate tapping hip with same side hand. To make this harder you can hold a weight in the hand that is overhead, but make sure it is not too heavy!

Bird dog plank

This movement is great for overall core stability and low back strength. It is important to strengthen your low back to keep things even when working abdominal muscles.

Form: Starting in a plank position (elbows and toes). Engage your core, flatten your back. Lift opposite arm and opposite leg and extend them straight, hold for a second and then return to starting position. Make sure you don’t arch your back and you are lifting from your shoulder and your glute when extending your arm/leg.

Modification: To make this movement easier you can go from a quadruped (on all 4’s) position. To make things harder you can increase your reps or hold each rep longer when you lift 2 limbs off the ground.

Hallow hold

This is another static exercise for the deep abdominal muscles.

Form: Lying on your back with your legs and arms elevated to create almost an arch or banana shape. Keep your core engaged (flatten your low back to the floor), and hold that position. If you are not feeling fatigue, arch those limbs more to create more resistance!

Modifications: An easier version is just holding either your arms OR legs off the ground (while still pressing that low back). You can also just do pelvic tilts if that is the best option for you! You are NOT going to want to make this movement any harder, but you can continue to hold it for longer if you need/want to!

Lying side crunch

Targeting those pesky obliques can be hard, but this movement is going to have them on fire!

Form: Start lying on your side with your legs straight and forward a little bit. You want to be propped up on your forearm as well. Keeping your core tight you are lifting your legs straight up and your upper body is crunching down to meet your legs. You want to try and touch your feet with your hand! This is a very advanced move, so take it as you can.

Modifications: The easier version of this is just a side crunch while lying on your side. Make sure you are SQUEEZING those obliques as you lift up! To make things harder you can add a weight either between your feet or holding in your hand!

Workout warm up and cool down

As always, make sure you are warming up and cooling down whenever you exercise, yes, this even means when you are doing abs! It is important to raise your internal body temperature and warm up the muscles to make sure you are preventing your chances of an injury. You also want to make sure you are stretching when you finish your workout as it will lessen the soreness you will feel and gives your body to cool back down internally. If you do not allow yourself to cool down, you are not clearing the lactic acid build up (that causes most soreness) and you will likely be very sore and have a hard time clearing muscle tissue breakdown from the body. Check out these other workout blogs for ideas on a warm up and cool down for your workout!


Check out more workout videos on my YouTube channel!

All workouts you can do from anywhere, with no extra equipment!

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