Quick At Home Full Body Workout–With Videos


Another at home workout for you this week, that can all be done…with ZERO equipment! This weeks format is a little bit different and difficult, but just as effective.

We don’t need to workout for hours or deadlift 250lbs to get active and be healthy, you just have to MOVE YOUR BODY. And that is exactly what this workout is going to do. No extra equipment needed…all you need is your body, tennis shoes and determination. And maybe some water and a towel for this at home workout!

At home – Full body- Intermediate Workout

1 giant circuit: 4 rounds

Pushup to pushback x12

Curtsy to squat x10

Deadbug x20

Bearcrawl x10

Lateral lunge with kick x10e

Toe touches x12

Workout Video

[vc_wtr_youtube url=”aAvMlihoL0Q” size=”640-480″ width=”480″ height=”360″ resolution=”hd720″ align=”center” theme=”dark” color=”c_red” el_class=”” autoplay=”0″ controls=”1″ showinfo=”1″ rel=”1″]

FULL Video for at home workout routine on YouTube

Explanations and Modifications

Pushup to pushback 

An upper body blaster that is sure to make your heart rate rise.

FORM: In a pushup position, your core should ways be tight and your back flat. Drop down as low as you can, keeping your elbows in and wrists strong. After the pushup, push back with your hands into a crouching position and then back into a pushup.

MODIFICATION: Drop down to your knees for the pushup and then come up onto your toes for the crouch. Or you can omit the pushback all together.

Curtsy to squat

A great bodyweight movement that can leave your muscles burning when the repetitions are high. If you want to make it harder you can always add weights to make it harder.

FORM: Curtsy lunges are working the standing glute. So make sure you cross the back leg enough as well as keeping it tucked close to the body. You don’t want to go straight back, and you don’t want to extend that leg too far. Stay low during the entire sequence and the weight is always in your heels. Chest is up and core is tight!

MODIFICATION: Modifications here are just as you need them. Maybe it isn’t going as low, or maybe it is just a reverse lunge instead of a curtsy. Go at your own pace.


One of the best core exercises. It contracts all the stabilizers and helps build a strong foundation…your core. It is challenging, but it’s great to work up to.

FORM: Flat on your back with your knees bent in table top and your hands reaching for the ceiling. Press your low back to the floor as you reach opposite arm and leg towards the floor and then return back to starting position.

MODIFICATION: Start with just flattening your back to the floor and holding for a few seconds. Once you get that part down, start with just moving your arms or legs. And then work up to putting it all together.


A SIMPLE move of what looks like crawling, yet feels like every muscle in your body hates you. Your heart rate climbs and your muscles burn and you wonder how something so simple can be sore hard….

FORM: On all 4’s with back flat and core tight. Lift knees off the ground about 4 inches…move right arm and leg forward, then left arm and left forward, then backwards with the right and backwards with the left. Stay low with your back flat the entire time, no butts in the air!

MODIFICATION: Start with just holding the position a few inches off the ground. Then you can work up to moving forward and backward.

Lateral lunge with kick 

When we think of exercises we think of moving in the forward and backwards motion. Neglecting the lateral direction is sure to cause not only muscle imbalances but quiet possibly an injury.

FORM: Lateral lunges means the working leg is bent (almost in a squat) and the other leg is fully straight with your foot flat and toes pointing forward. Step out to the side, sit down into that leg so your knee is behind your toe and the opposite leg is straight. When you stand up, push back onto the starting leg and lift the working leg straight out to the side. Keep your chest up and core tight at all times.

MODIFICATION: Don’t go as deep in your lateral lunges, and just focus on keeping your chest up, core tight and sitting into that hip. Omitting the side kick after the lunge is also an option.

Toe touches 

Another great exercise for your core, but it is difficult!

FORM: Again, keep your low back pressed to the floor! You want to lower those legs down just far enough that your back can stay flat (because that means proper core engagement) while your arms reach up and then back down.

MODIFICATION: Take out the leg lower and just use your arms and core engagement.

I want you to remember that modifying an exercise doesn’t mean you suck or you’re out of shape and should give up. That means you are looking more at form and less at logistics. That means you have more you can improve on and new goals you can set. That means you are going to get better and stronger. So don’t be ashamed, we all modify exercises from time to time, what is important to me is that you show up and are trying your best!

Warm-up and Cool down

It is SO IMPORTANT to warm-up and cool down whenever you exercise. Check out last weeks blog here for all the benefits! This week I want you to focus your warm-up on:

• Jumping Jacks

• High Knees

• Arm Circles

• Squats

• Plank

And for your cool-down, focus on:

• Hamstring stretch–elevate foot on chair and lean forward

• IT Band stretch–cross one foot over the other and reach for instep of back foot

• Pec stretch–elbows bent at 90 with arms in doorway, step forward with one foot and hold

• Cobra stretch–flat on stomach, press up on hands and try to keep hips on the floor


And another at home workout is in the books! Don’t forget to remind yourself that small changes add up to big results. Let’s workout smarter, not longer! If you are enjoying these posts/workouts please subscribe to my YouTube channel so you never miss one. You can also click the image below to get 3 FREE workouts, just like these sent right to your inbox!


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Haley Rowe March 7, 2018