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While I know you are probably here for all of the motivational content on reaching goals, and how exactly to get there, let’s take a step back and have some fun.  Let’s chat ACTIVEWEAR!! If you are anything like me, you probably enjoy a nice pair of leggings and a cute sports bra (that is functional). And maybe even when you lack motivation, you put on a cute workout outfit and crush your workout…am I right?! Good, glad you’re with me. Anyways, I know activewear can be expensive. And while I do think Lululemon is worth the price (if you wear it daily like I do) it isn’t always in everyones budget. So….I bring you affordable, cute, and functional activewear!

*I do have a few affiliate links throughout this blog which means I get a tiny commission if you do purchase off the link. No extra cost or hassle for you, just tells the company that you came from me!

Affordable Activewear


I came across this brand on Amazon, duh, and I love it! I have a few sports bras and leggings, and plan to test out their shorts, too. I love their leggings because they are a performance material, because when I workout, the last thing I want are cotton-y pants! So these are sweat wicking and super comfy. A few of their styles don’t have the seam on the top edge, which means it is just the fabric fold is it lays soft and doesn’t dig in or squeeze ya. But, if a top seam is your thing, they also have those that have a draw string in them as well. So many options, and so affordable! They pieces range from $18-$30..and I have yet to have any issues as far as quality. I linked my favorite leggings down below for you!


Holy. Moly. If you have Lululemon aligns, then you need this amazon dupe. And if you don’t, you still need these! They are so comfy, and so cozy. They aren’t high impact, so they will pill and who knows what will happen if your dog jumps on them..but I would rather take my changes with a $26 pair and a $99 pair. I have the solid color, so I can’t determine if the pattern pair are similar…but they are so dang good! Such a good staple pair for lounging or wearing for things not working out. Unless you like total comfort for your workouts, then these are a great option! Linked them below.


NO idea what their other products are like, but this crop top I am sharing with you is amazing! So good for workouts, or just for everyday wear in the blazing hot summers. I mean, in Florida, the less clothes the better. Anyways, this is a padded top so it is basically a crop top and sports bra in one…winning! I love the compression, and also it is just a sleek staple to have. I know not everyone enjoys a crop top, but for those of you that do, this is such a good one!


This brand went “viral” if you want to call it that earlier this year on social. A style blogger came across them as a “dupe” and then everyone had them. I got a pair, didn’t love them. For my body, I just felt like I was pulling them up all the time and it just wasn’t ideal for me. But – this doesn’t mean that you won’t love them. They are another cotton-y feel, so a little on the warmer side, but still a super soft material. A good one to check out if you are balling on a budget.


I never turn down a target deal when I see one, and I am assuming you are the same. I mean, how do you go to target and NOT leave with 4 things you don’t need? Anyways, their movement line is getting better and better! I love some of their staple tanks (because I trash mine sweating like a maniac in this Florida humidity) and their high waisted shorts. I hate Nike shorts because they dig in at a terrible spot, I wanted ones with a wider waist band and higher up. Found them! I will say, I wish they were a tad bit lower, but still so comfy!

Old Navy

They always have solid deals on their athletic clothes, and tons of cute patterns. Most of the stuff I have from there is old, but it is still stuff I wear so the material and quality is up there. I am very picky when it comes to leggings because I am so hard on them, so I steer clear of theirs because they also don’t fit right. But their shorts, tanks and sports bras are great..and you can’t beat the prices.

Whew, there you go. That is my haul of affordable activewear. If you are up for spending a little more, check out Lululemon, Athleta, and Fabletics. Those are a few “popular” brands within the fitness world that people tend to gravitate towards, and for good reason. I love everything I own from Lulu, and Fabletics (although their stuff tends to be pretty thick). Just find what works for you and your body type, as well as your budget. But I will say, the Amazon finds I have are still holding up in terms of quality with Lululemon, so don’t always assume that paying more means better quality in this sense. Not to mention…you don’t need the fancy brands/logos to feel good in your gear.

But let’s not forget…it doesn’t matter what you wear. What matters is the work you put in. You don’t need fancy clothes to workout and move your body. All you need is a plan. Pants are optional. I used to workout in a large t-shirt and shorts, sometimes still do. So you do you and understand that you don’t need matching sets to start your journey. Just start with what you have.

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