Healthy Walmart Grocery Haul – Budget Friendly


Health and fitness is hard. But a budget friendly Walmart grocery haul makes it easier.

It’s hard to eat right. It’s hard to workout. It’s hard to change your life with bad habits creeping in. It’s hard to find a new routine that is going to work.

But it is all possible, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. You have to start small. You know the common saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? It’s true. Big things, that are strong and sturdy, aren’t built overnight. Which means you won’t just wake up one day healthy and thriving. It takes work, it takes time…but it’s worth it!

So we start small. We start with cutting out soda. And then we cut out sugar in our coffee. And then we opt for 1 piece of pizza instead of 3. Those little pieces over time are what add up to big results. If we dove in headfirst and went all in, the second something went wrong we would completely fall off the wagon! So, start small.

Let’s start with grocery shopping. The biggest tip I have…if you don’t NEED it, don’t buy it! I  have zero self control when it comes to sweets, so I do NOT keep any in the house! If you can walk out of the grocery store proud of what you put on the belt, then you are crushing it! Think about getting the basics; your carbs, your fats, your protein and your veggies!

I wanted to do a grocery haul at a store that those of you are familiar with, and can likely get to! This haul is 1 week of groceries for two people, with some leftovers. I will also share my menu we created for the week…and get this, it was under $100! So here’s your budget friendly grocery haul!

Healthy Walmart Grocery List

Fresh Produce:

• Bananas

• Broccoli Slaw

• Asparagus

• Brussel Sprouts

• Kale

• Sweet potatoes

• Mushrooms

• Broccoli


• Turkey Tenderloins

• Bacon

• Turkey Bacon

• Frozen Chicken

• Frozen Ahi Tuna

• Ground beef


• Eggs

• Cheese

• Almond milk


• Banza pasta

• Tortillas

• Hamburger buns

• Cauliflower pizza crust

• Jasmine rice


• Pesto

• Pizza sauce

• Salsa

This is just a sample week of what I typically eat! I think of my meals and list in terms of carbs, fats, protein and vegetables; because that is what makes up a well-rounded meal. If there is something on the list you don’t like, or cannot find…you can always substitute!

Healthy Gluten Free, Dairy Free Menu


Turkey bacon, scrambled eggs with kale and roasted sweet potatoes.


Turkey tenderloin with brussels sprouts and jasmine rice.



Cauliflower crust pizza with shredded chicken, and mushrooms.


Ahi Tuna tacos with broccoli slaw and salsa


Pesto chicken banza pasta with broccoli

(Just cook pasta, chicken and broccoli and throw it in a bowl with some pesto)


Pizza burgers with sautéed kale.

(Form ground beef into burgers and cook to medium. Preheat oven to 375 – top burger with pizza sauce, cheese and bun and place in oven for 5 minutes)


Breakfast sandwiches

(Egg, bacon, cheese all on a bun – make sure that yolk is runny!)


Grilled chicken with asparagus and sweet potato fries

This haul cost me $95 and again, will last two people a week! I understand not everyone has this budget, so here are a few ways to make it a little cheaper…

— Buy frozen vegetables instead of fresh

— Regular whole grain buns instead of fancy gluten free ones

— Grass-fed, organic meat is going to be most expensive – so pick at your discretion/ability

Like I said before, start small. There is no need to jump straight to organic, grass fed, and all natural. Just start with REAL food, start with skipping the center isles. If you stick to the outside isles, and then just dive inside for 1-2 things, you will be in the clear.

We have to focus on real, whole foods. Not “easy” or “pre-packaged” or “quick” snacks/meals. That is why at the beginning it is important to stick to carb, fat, protein and vegetable for each meal. If you keep it simple, and you only get the necessities it will not only be cheaper, but easier to stick to!

Walmart is a great superstore to get your groceries at, and I know it is readily available to most people, so now you have a groceries list to take with you! This again is for 2 people, but just grabbing extras will allow you to feed the whole family!

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Haley Rowe April 27, 2019