Full Body Mini Band Workout At Home


Todays workout is a full body workout, that is going to test you in ways you weren’t sure was possible.

You see, mini bands are wild.

They are just this little loop of elastic, but they are as fierce as Queen B.

They never let you down, are so easy to travel with, and you can literally workout anywhere with them! Plus, they are extremely inexpensive.

So if you are ready for a full body butt kick, you have come to the right place!

Equipment You’ll Need

Like I said, all you need for this workout is a mini band.

Take it with you where ever you go, and it is a sure way to get in a solid workout even if you feel like you need more.

Be prepared to sweat, because it is on!

Duration of Workout

This workout is less than 20 minutes.

Perfect to fit into any schedule, and easy to talk yourself into.

If you have a workout that is 30+ minutes, it is hard to convince yourself to actually press play and do it.

But in 20 minutes, you can get in a great workout, and still have time for everything else you need to get done!

Fitness Level

You will be challenged at any fitness level during this workout.

We are going to use some bodyweight, as well as our bands, but I give modifications fo every exercise in the video, as well as down below in the exercise breakdown.

You also probably have a few different resistances for your mini bands, so grab one that you know is going to challenge you, but also allow you to get through all of the movements!

At Home Workout

Exercises and Modifications

Squat with Press

I love full body movements when you aren’t specifically working for strength. This allows us to work several muscle groups at once, while saving us time (which I know is valuable). So grab your band, or two if you really feel like pushing it.

Form: Place your mini band around your wrists and get into your squat position. Squat position is feet just outside shoulder width apart with toes slightly pointed out. You are going to bring your mini band up to your chest, then squat down (keeping weight in the heels) and then stand and press your hands overhead. With your mini band, you want to push your wrists into the band to create tension and then press over your head, return down to your chest and repeat with your squat and then press overhead. You want to keep tension on the mini band the entire time!

Modification: You can make it harder by adding a mini band above the knees for your squat. To make it easier you can do the movement without the mini band.

Band glute bridge

A basic movement, with a twist. The mini band in this movement is going to add some extra tension to the glutes. This is going to ensure we are working the right muscle groups, while increasing our chances of fatigue to build muscle.

Form: Place the mini band above your knees and lay on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Feet should be about shoulder width apart – press your knees into the mini band as you pick your glutes up and squeeze and then back down. Making sure you are driving into your heels, and really squeezing and holding at the top of the bridge for a second before repeating.

Modification: If you want to make this movement easier, you can remove the mini band and just use your bodyweight. If you want to make the exercise harder, you can increase the resistance of the mini band or elevate your feet on something.

Plank row

This is another great full body movement, and one that is going to be difficult. Give yourself the chance to try it, and if you need the modification, please use it!

Form: Get into a plank position with your shoulders stacked over your wrists and the mini band in one hand on the floor. Take the other end of the mini band in the other hand, and you are going to row. So make sure your feet are separated so you have a solid base, and pull the mini band keeping your elbow tucked and squeeze the shoulder blade and release. You will do all reps on one side before switching hands.

Modification: To make this exercise easier you can drop down to a knee plank or decrease the resistance of the mini band. To make it harder you can increase the resistance of the mini band.

Lateral walk

A favorite movement of mine! It is great for hip warming up, but also great when used in conjunction in a workout for glute strength. Just make sure you have the proper resistance so that your glutes are working and it is not just momentum.

Form: Place the mini band around your ankles. You want a slight bend in your knee, as well as a slight lean forward (sticking your butt out). Leading with the foot take a step to the side and then step in with the other foot. Never step together, you want to keep tension on the band the entire time. Make sure you are not using momentum, meaning you are leaning to the side as you go. The only movement should be through the hip.

Modification: To make it harder you can increase the resistance on the band, move slower and keep tension. To make it easier you can decrease the resistance of your mini band.


An old ab favorite, with a twist. Make sure for this one you are engaging your core properly, so if you can see any kind of bulging or coning in the belly, you need to scale back to a modified version.

Form: Lay on your back and put your mini band around the arches of your feet. Legs are in table top, meaning knees are bent and feet are in the air. Press your lower back to the floor (and engage your core) and you one at a time kick your foot out, resisting against the mini band, and then back to the center.

Modification: to make this exercise easier you can omit the mini band, to make it more challenging you can use a higher resistance mini band.

Warm up and Cool down

You want to make sure you are warming up before your workouts, and cooling down afterwords.

This will help to prime you for the work you are about to do, and slow your heart rate down when you are done for better recovery.

So many people say they don’t have time to warm up and cool down, but I am going to guess that you 2-3 minutes before and after your workout.

Because that is a lot quicker than recovering from an injury is going to be. Be smart with your training, and be smart with your body.

I know we all have specific goals and those don’t usually include “limit injury and be flexible” but they are important parts of your fitness game…as well as the health of your body as a whole.

Here are a few videos you can check out to get ideas for your own warm up and cool down.

Here is a great warm up video!

And here is a great cool down video!

I hope you love this workout and come back for more sweaty at home workouts!


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