Endorphitness Collective – A Virtual Gym Membership


My view on health and fitness is that it needs to be a lifestyle change – it needs to be something that you can fit into your daily routine. Whether that means creating a new “normal” for yourself, or just finding what is going to fit into your busy life of working 8-4 and being a mom of 3. Fitness looks different for everyone – and that is what I love about it. It’s about being the best version of yourself you can be, without having to take it to extremes. Because any diet that allowed you to lose weight but you then stopped doing and gained it all back is in fact a diet that did not work. The only thing that is going to work is creating new habits and changing your overall lifestyle.

When I started the Endorphitness Accelerator 6 Week Challenge last year  – there was one complaint….that it was over. Everyone was wanting to know when the next one was. So, I decided to create a program that never ends…

Overview – At Home Gym Membership

Over the years, Endorphitness has evolved into focusing on the at home workout community. Since I grew up in such a small town, the closest gym was 30 minutes away. And for someone who doesn’t know what to do when they get there or a huge desire to spend a lot of time there, it’s likely that drive will never happen. And I knew that so many other women were in the same position – and I think we should all have equal access to anything health related. So, the Endorphitness Collective – Home Gym Membership has been born.

This program is going to include everything from workouts to community and every thing in between. I wanted to make sure it was available to everyone, but that it also included everything someone needs to really be successful and change their lifestyle.

With a gym membership, you literally only get access to the building. And that isn’t helpful for someone who doesn’t know what to do. It turns into just going to the cardio machines, and then never going once that gets boring. So I wanted there to be actual workouts you do! And not only just clips of the movements (although that would save me a ton of time, energy and space on my computer), it is full length videos you follow along with! And the feedback I have gotten with the full length workouts is worth the 1TB external hard drive sitting on my desk. (and if you don’t know how big a terabyte is, think about filling up a 64GB iphone 16 times, that is a lot of videos!).

The Collective is designed to give you workouts you can do from home, simple recipes to keep you on track, and offer a community of support and accountability. I do feel those are the 3 main aspects of any healthy lifestyle, so let’s talk details.

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Included in the Endorphitness Collective


5 new workouts will be posted each week! They are 20 minutes in length – to make sure everyone has the time to get them done. I understand we are busy, and I don’t want the length of the workout to deter you from doing it at all. So I keep them short and swe…no, not really sweet. Some are dreadful, but they are 100% going to be worth it!

All workouts can be done at home, or in a gym depending on your preference. Like I said earlier, they are full length so you just press play and sweat! If you prefer to workout alone, I demo all the movements at the beginning of the video and the workout is typed below. I want to cover all my bases for my stay at home boss’.

The only equipment you need for the workouts are a set of dumbbells (as you get stronger you will want to get heavier ones), a band (you can head to hopefitnessgear.com and use code HALEY for 15% off) and something to step up onto (which can be your coach, a chair, a step etc).


Instead of taking the “diet” approach to things, I left it open for you. Each week I will leave you with a simple nutrition tip, and then recipes will be continuously added to the “vault” for you. I know eating healthy can be hard, so giving meal ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks can be so helpful!

We don’t need to restrict our foods or cut calories, we just have to focus on fueling our bodies with as much real, whole, nutrient dense food as we can!

Mobility and Stretching

Something we all talk about needing to do more of, yet never leave ourselves time for…stretching. It is actually incredibly important that we stretch and do mobility exercises – because without them we can start to lose range of motion. It doesn’t matter how much you can lift if you can’t move through the whole motion without pain.

You have all seen those guys in the gym benching 300+ pounds but only bending their elbows an inch. That is not actually going to make them stronger, they just think it looks cool to everyone else in the gym. This is what NOT to do.

New stretching and mobility videos will be added to the vault, so that it stays new and fun. And even if you are taking a rest day from exercise – you can still do a few mobility videos to get yourself moving!


One of the key components to be successful at anything – accountability. There will be a private group for you to share your journey with everyone else in the program with you! You can share anything from motivation, your struggles, your wins, recipes, ideas, anything!

I wanted this to be a safe place for women (which is why for now only women will be allowed to join) because I know the gym can be an intimidating place with people watching and staring. So let’s make this encouraging and uplifting! We are all on different journeys, but doing it together makes it that much better!

[vc_wtr_youtube url=”c-HTZC4hRIY” size=”960-720″ width=”480″ height=”360″ resolution=”hd720″ align=”center” theme=”dark” color=”c_red” el_class=”” autoplay=”1″ controls=”1″ showinfo=”1″ rel=”1″]

You get all that for a small monthly fee! Think about cutting Starbucks a handful of times a week, skipping lunch out one day, avoiding that new fall sweater…all simple things you can live without which gives you the opportunity for so so much more!

Women are always worried about spending money on themselves. They think that if they just keep helping others and piling more on their plate that the real problems will go away, well, they don’t. You have to fill your cup up before you help others – because if you have ever tried to pour liquid from an empty cup, you know it is impossible.

Give yourself that chance to feel and look your best – because a strong, confident, empowered woman is the best kind!

Sign up today to join the fun!

Haley Rowe November 10, 2019