Don’t Waste Your Money on These Weight Loss Products


Is it about a quick fix, or a habit change? If you have sought out for a quick fix before a vacation and have no interest in actually living healthy lifestyle, then stop reading now. But if you are looking to make lasting changes and want results that are going to last, then don’t waste your money on these weight loss products. Because believe it or not, these are either “get rich quick” schemes, or pyramid marketing..neither of which really care about you and your well-being.

I will likely get a lot of blow back from this blog post, but it is important for me to share my take on these things. Now remember, these are MY OPINIONS and are not to be taken as any strict medical advice. I am here to simply voice my opinion and personal research on these products, trends and fads.

Weight Loss Products – Waste of Money

One thing to remember here is that fads do work, otherwise a million people wouldn’t be jumping on board to use them. What they DON’T do is change any of the habits that got you where you are. They are going to work really fast, but when you stop and revert back to your old ways…all the weight comes back. This is why it is important to really invest in yourself and EDUCATE yourself on how to really make lifestyle changes. I have a lot of great blogs on this site that will teach you how to make a sustainable meal plan, at-home workouts and even balancing your hormones.  Okay, now let’s get into this list of weight loss products that aren’t worth your money.

 Wraps and Waist Trainers

People really spend their money on products that you wrap around your stomach and the fat just melts off you….yes. First of all, if you are wanting to just sweat your fat away (which does not work) you might as well wrap yourself in saran wrap and call it a day. Wraps and waist trainers are meant to make you sweat around your stomach (or whatever you wrap it around) and therefore decrease size. Now, this is literally suffocating you and taking all the water out of the area. If you are looking to decrease bloat for the purpose of fitting into a wedding dress the day before, fine. But if you are looking to decrease the size of your waist in general and slim down, this is not going to work. Not to mention waist trainers actually cause your abdominal muscle wall (and ladies, pelvic floor) to weaken which can cause a whole slew of issues down the road. So again, these products are just allowing you to drop water in that specific area..and there are much more humane ways of doing this like decreasing processed foods and increasing water intake! 

Weight Loss Tea/Coffee

I am not sure who started this trend, but there is nothing scientific about drinking a special blend of tea to lose weight. The main ingredient in those products is caffeine and it works because it increases your heart rate which also increases the amount of energy needed to pump the heart..which means more calories burned. But they are also diuretics. And what do diuretics do? They make you pee, which makes you weigh less and feel less bloated..but it isn’t decreasing the amount of body fat you have. Which makes this another way to drop water weight quickly, but teaches you nothing about actually losing fat and keeping it off.

Diet Pills

Diet pills work the same way “skinny tea’s” do, making you pee and increase your resting heart rate. These pills aren’t going to drop fat off your body or change your habits, they will just decrease the number on the scale and make you pee. There are many negative side effects to using these pills; a few of them including addiction, increased risk of heart attack or stroke, stomach/digestive discomfort, and not to mention the labels aren’t always correct. If the diet pill claims to get rid of cravings…it likely means the pills are going to manipulate your hormones, which isn’t going to actually help your snacking is just going to mask it for the time being. So again, not worth the money.

 Cleanses and Detoxes

Got poop? Because that is all a cleanse and detox is going to do for you…make you poop and clear you out. We eat pounds of food per day, and not all of it is able to leave the digestive system every day. So that obviously means the scale is going to show you being down in weight..because you lost a lot of waste. Juice cleanses especially are expensive, and can lead to several different problems. Things like not getting enough calories and protein, digestive discomfort because of the increase in fiber and the fact that again, no habits have changed for long term results. Not to mention the fact that our livers are DESIGNED to detox our bodies, that is their purpose. So why do we need outside pills, juices, diets to do something that our body already naturally does?

 Non-Surgical Procedures

These procedures include cool sculpting, or laser/light/heat sculpting. These surgeries are incredibly pricey, and don’t work as well as you hope for. First of all, more than likely you need more than one session. Most places want you to pay up front so that when you see the changes aren’t happening, you have already paid for it. It usually takes anywhere from 6-10 sessions for them to be satisfied, which is a lot of money for something that has a low success rate. Yes, these procedures don’t work for everyone. And again, if you don’t change any of your lifestyle or eating habits, it is definitely going to be a waste of money because the weight will come back.

 So, what did we learn? That these products work for short term results. These products are an expensive way to make you pee. These products are make for the companies to sell the products QUICKLY, and ONE TIME to make money. These products aren’t going to help you lose fat like you are wanting to. So if you really want to lose FAT (I would say weight but that would mean these products work) then you need to make lifestyle changes. Diet and exercise is the key to be healthy!

Haley Rowe January 26, 2019