Best Online Workout Programs for Women [2021]


Alright, alright – let me give it to you straight. You are not going to love every program you try, and it might even take you a few tries to find a program you do like. And that’s okay. I encourage you to do your research and find a program that aligns with the goals you have, maybe something like running, deadlifting your bodyweight, or doing a pushup on your toes. While many of you may want to “lose weight” that isn’t going to motivate you forever. And if you have been trying to get on track for awhile, I would suggest focusing on a performance goal rather than an aesthetic one to get you started. I wanted to share with you a few different online programs that could be beneficial for your goals. These are going to range across the board so I hope there is something here for everyone!

The Endorphitness Collective

Obviously I have to share the best online training membership/community out there with you first! This is a program geared towards women looking to get healthy, from home. I give you all the tools you need, and make things as easy for you as possible.

20 minute workouts, so you don’t have the “lack of time” excuse. These workouts are all at home based, and they are full length videos. I break down the movements for you ahead of time – so you can then continue through the workout alone, or follow along the full video.

Healthy recipes so you can learn how to start cooking with simple ingredients. Nutrition is hard because it deals with all of your waking hours – the decisions you make from when you get up to when you go to bed. This is why I created a super simple, easy to follow approach to starting a healthy lifestyle, not just limiting foods and making you miserable.

The best part of the program is the community. The members in this program are all in a private group where they can communicate, motivate and hold each other accountable. I am also moderating in this group, sharing motivation and giving you tips to stay consistent.

There are also upgrades or “tier” levels to this program.

Starter – basic membership which includes everything listed above.

Premium – includes basic membership PLUS weekly grocery list and menu and 2 email check-ins with coach each month.

Inner Circle – includes basic and premium membership PLUS weekly email check-ins with coach and personalized nutrition..

The Collective Starer is $30/month.

Premium is $68/month.

Inner Circle is $119/month.

Cancel anytime with no fees, and upgrade/downgrade at any time!

Overall, best at home workout program on the market!

Annie Miller – Built By Annie (BBA)

Another great program on the market for women is Annie Millers Built By Annie program. This program is designed to get you enjoying your lifts, and learning as you go. Her whole philosophy is teaching you the why behind what you are doing.

This program is gym based, although she does have an at home version because of the current state of 2020. The program is given to you in an app called TrueCoach where you can see your lifts, track your weights and have contact with her and her assistant.

I have heard great things about this program if you are looking for just strength training, with some heart rate training via machines. Again, you will get the best bang for your buck with gym access for this program.

BBA has a few different options whether you are a beginner to lifting or more advanced, so it can really help anyone. You will be progressing in movements like deadlifts, squats and pressing. Very comprehensive, she tells you everything you need to know about the why behind it and the science behind it. So if you are interested in getting really strong, and learning how/why to train..this could be your program.

This is also a monthly investment – I think her prices start at $119/month.

Little Lyss Fitness – Endure

If you are a runner, or looking for a running resource, this is a great one! Little Lyss Fitness has a an ebook called Endure. This ebook isn’t just going to tell you how much to run per day, no, this is some in depth stuff. Lyss is a PhD candidate with a masters in Exercise physiology. She has ran several ultra’s and trail runs, so she teaches you from experience.

This ebook is great for anyone that is a beginner, but also anyone that has been running for awhile. There are several different training programs included (5k, 10k, 13.1 etc) and all are 12 week training blocks. Not only does this program break down running, it also shows you how you can incorporate lifting. And if you have been following along, you know how important strength training is for women. If you don’t know, check out this strength training for women blog.

Other topics included in Lyss’ program include the science behind endurance training and running, science of adaptation, the physiology behind running, how to train and fuel properly. She will also reach you how fast or slow you should be running to make progress! So – a truly well rounded program.

The Endure ebook is a one time purchase of $125.

Hannah Bower  – Functional Core Guide

This program covers core and pre/postpartum. I know a lot of women struggle with their core after having a baby, as well as struggling with what exactly they can do as far as exercise when they are pregnant. If this is you, I recommend a program that deals with pregnancy fitness, and someone that is qualified.

Hannah has an incredibly comprehensive core program that she created after finding a gap in the market with pregnancy and postpartum moms trying to get back into exercise. The core is an incredibly complex group of muscles, and if you aren’t engaging properly (whether you are pregnant or not) you can cause a lot of damage to the core and pelvic floor.

The Functional Core Program is full of educate around the core, diaphragmatic breathing, strengthening exercises for your pelvic floor and even do’s/dont’s of pregnancy. It is a very well rounded guide for all things core, and pregnancy.

Hannahs guide is a one time price of $125.

Fit Cookie Nutrition – Runner Roadmap

I wanted to also touch on running and nutrition. If you are someone who is a runner, or wants to be a runner, this is a great beginner course to get you started.

In this course (Runner Roadmap) Holley teaches you how to fuel your body for your runs, how to prevent injury, strength training to help runners, what to eat/drink in preparation for long runs or races and more.

This course will help you change your relationship with food, and possibly with running. A lot of people get into health and fitness because they want to achieve a certain “look” but rarely thinking about taking care of their bodies.

You need to prioritize food and fueling if you want to be the best athlete you can be, which should be all of you.

Runner Roadmap includes modules, workbooks, a community, downloads and more!

Holley’s course is a one time fee of $497 (with payment plan options).


Endorphitness Collective – pricing ranging from $30/month to $119/month

Annie Millers Built By Annie – starting at $119/month

Little Lyss Fitness Endure Ebook –  $125

Hannah Bower Functional Core Guide – $125

Fit Cookie Nutrition Runner Roadmap – $495

That covers the basics of at home programs, at least ones that provide education and more than just a random workout written by someone who has a “passion”.

You guys know that I am serious about who I support and making sure the workouts and content are actually beneficial.

I can say that these ladies know their niche and you can count on them to give you the best of the best.

This list includes at home general fitness/community, weight lifting, running and pre/postpartum. Pick your program and take the leap.


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