6 Fitness Tips for Beginners


There is so much information out there about fitness. So much so that instead of being helpful, it clouds our judgement, overwhelms us and makes us never want to start. That is why I always try to break things off in smaller chunks for you. Make it digestible, easy to remember and simple to put in place in your life. The biggest issue with the fitness industry is that if you have money, you can make people believe your claims, whether they are trash or not. So those with the most money to push garbage products get to be front and center (even if the approach is never successful). So let’s dive into 6 tips for beginners, that you can start implementing into your life right now, without confusion.

6 Fitness Tips

Keep it simple, make it easy, and do it in small steps. I teach over and over again that you don’t have to do everything all at once. The key is implementing small changes into your life so it doesn’t cause and uproar. So that you don’t feel like you have to completely overhaul your life overnight to see the changes you want. Small changes = big results.

Drink Water

Water is so important when it comes to your health journey. Water helps to hydrate the body (since every cell in your body uses it and is made up of it) and helps to flush your system. At the beginning of your journey your body is going to start to breakdown muscle tissue, fat cells and inflammation. And, if you are breaking it down, you are need it to go somewhere. That is where water comes in. Water is going to help flush your system so toxins don’t build up. Not to mention, because your body needs water to function, you will start to have more energy, a better mood and better sleep just from being hydrated. So – drink up! And get yourself a big water bottle so you don’t have to fill it up as much, time saver and easier to keep track of! If you want to dive deeper into water and how it works within the body, here is a blog on it! 

Pick exercise you enjoy

Starting from scratch is daunting, and it especially is when you think you have to do exercise you don’t like. So let’s start with the idea what movement is movement. It doesn’t matter if it’s running, lifting, biking etc. it all has benefits for the body. So when you are starting out, find a modality you enjoy. Find a type of exercise you are going to want to do, and like it do! It doesn’t have to be “what exercise burns the most fat I need to do that”. Because if you don’t see results you will quit, every time. So find something you like, and start there!

Eat Balanced Meals

The focus here is to make sure you are 1. actually eating enough food (which is more than 1200 calories for everyone) and 2. eating quality food. So before focusing on the exact amounts of what to eat, start with creating your plate. You want to make sure all of your meals have a carb, a fat, a protein and a vegetable. You can learn more about it in this blog, but this foundation will help you learn sustainable eating habits that will stick with you. Not to mention eating this way keeps you fuller longer, and ensures you are eating enough food to fuel you body properly.

Find an Accountability partner

Accountability is the number one thing lacking in the journey of beginners. It’s easy to get started, but if there is no sort of “checking-in” or someone counting on you, it’s easy to put it off until it is nonexistent again. So if you can, when you are getting started, find an accountability partner. Maybe it is a friend, a trainer, a class you take, a program you join…something! Accountability really does make or break a journey – especially at the beginning. This is why I always have an accountability/community aspect to all of my programs! If you are looking for a program, the Collective is a great option for getting on track!

Consistency over perfection

Health and fitness is not a race. It is a lifelong journey – and overtime it gets easier, but it is still a conscious decision every day. It is important to remember that the only way to be successful is to stay consistent over time. You will never be 100% on track all of the time. You will have meals that aren’t the best choice, you will skip workouts, you will have bad days…but if you stay consistent over time, you will be successful. It’s about long term success, not “how fast can I lose 20lbs”. Because those approaches and mindsets do not create lasting results.

Don’t compare your journey to someone else’s

Everyone starts at different times and has different goals. You have to remember that your journey is your journey – don’t compare it to anyone else’s along the way. There is nothing “wrong” with you if you don’t move as fast, do as many workouts or lift as much weight. Your fitness abilities are personal to you, so focus on what your goals are and what fits your lifestyle so you can maintain it over time!

I am not saying you need to go add all 6 of these into your routine tomorrow. But these are the 6 basics to start with. Start small – maybe pick 1-2 of these to start implementing right now. And once you feel like you have the hang of that, add in something else. You don’t have to change everything overnight. And if you are someone who has dieted in the past, you know how easy it is to fall off track because you are overwhelmed with too much at once. So start with the basics and work from there. Nothing is going to change overnight, and results take time. So if you do it correct from the beginning – you will be less likely to waste your time starting and stopping and you will be able to start and maintain your journey for the long haul!


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Haley Rowe June 19, 2020