3 At Home Workouts with Only Dumbbells

I am the workout queen. I try to make sure all of my content I share with you guys relates to the majority – from meal prep, to hormones, to workouts and beyond. Well, I thought this week I would just share a few at home workouts you can do with just a pair of dumbbells and something to step up onto!

I know the biggest question when getting into exercise is “what do I do” and “where do I start” so here are a few pointers:

→ Keep it simple: you don’t have to find a crazy workout that is very complex every time. Just pick the basic movements and change up the sets/reps you complete.

→ Keep it consistent: pick a schedule that is going to work for you and stick with it. If you just say “I am going to workout 3 times a week” you might end up putting them all off. But if you tell yourself you are going to workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then you are more likely to stick with it.

→ Progress yourself: you can do the same workout a few times and still get yourself some results. But what you don’t want to happen is hitting a plateau because you are not progressing your workout. Here is a full blog post on how to progress your workouts to avoid plateauing! 

At Home Workouts

I am a big fan of at home workouts because you can get an awesome workout in, without having to worry about commuting, finding the time to fit it in, or even having to wear pants. It’s amazing. People think you can’t get results doing at home workouts, but if you prioritize your workout and make sure you continue to push yourself hard, you will see results no matter what. Well, that in conjunction with a healthy diet of course!

Workout #1:

3 Rounds:

• 10(each) step up with knee

• 12 Front squat

• 15 Dumbbell hamstring curl

3 Rounds:

• 10(each) alternating lunges

• 12 sumo squat

• 20 Dumbbell swings

10, 8, 6, 4, 2 Jump squat and speed skaters

Workout #2:

50 side step squat

3 Rounds:

• 15 front squat

• 20 jump squat

• 15(e) reverse lunge with pulse

3 Rounds:

• 10(each) step ups

• 20 alternating step jumps

• 15 sumo squat with plank out

50 out-in quick feet

Workout #3:

20 minute AMRAP

• 12 frogger plank out

• 20 russian twists

• 20 commmandos

• 10(each) curtsy lunge to lateral lunge

• 10(e) sit through with hip lift

Rest and Recovery from Workouts

You have to remember that soreness isn’t an indicator of a good workout. Yes, it does mean that you worked hard and tore muscle fibers to build stronger muscles. But if you are sore after every workout, then you have to look into your recovery. I recommend everyone rest at least 2-3 days a week. This allows your body to recuperate, rebuild muscle fibers, and regulate your hormones so that you aren’t constantly in that go-go-go phase. Constantly being on the go without rest is going to down regulate your immune system, but also cause your stress hormones to constantly be high. Which does not lead to anything good, take that from someone who has dealt with it.

Along with resting from workout days, you also need to make sure you are getting adequate sleep. 7-9 hours per night is ideal. And sleep doesn’t just go along with wanting to keep your internal health in check, but you also won’t see any physical changes without sleep. Sleep is crucial for weight loss, muscle building and any kind of race preparation. You wouldn’t go into a marathon having only slept 3 hours, so don’t go into your 14-16 hour days having only slept 6.

Stretching and mobility is also important when it comes to recovery. This will help increase your range of motion to better your performance, but also allow you to continue moving without pain for years and years. When people think of exercise and movement then think about right now. But if you think about your future – what you eat and how you move your body now will dictate if your future is spent at doctors appointments and getting joint replacements. For me, I love lifting weights and pushing my body hard..but I also love just walking and playing outdoor games. I want results now, but I also want to be a kicka** grandma someday!

Test out these workouts, give yourself a bigger push than you normally would and stick with it. I promise that finding a routine that works for you and that you love is the only way to be successful long term in your health and fitness journey!


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author: Haley Perry