10 Realistic Health Tips for Stay At Home Moms


I think it’s safe to say that we can all raise our glasses to the stay at home moms around the world, because they are the true warriors here. Over the past few weeks we have gotten a true taste of what being home 24/7 feels like, and what.the.heck is all I got to say. So much time on our hands, yet also so many things to do. And if you are someone who is now playing stay at home mom, teacher, nanny, maid, chef, CEO…then you my friend, are a rockstar. I know when every day looks exactly the same it can be hard to find any dimension or motivation. Not to mention finding even a second to do something for yourself is impossible. But, I want to remind you, it is so necessary. You are your own person, and while you may have kids relying on you, that is not your only purpose in life. If you are constantly showing up for others and not doing anything for yourself, you will start to resent those around you. So I encourage you to read through this blog, and get a few ideas of how you can show up for yourself in the ways you need, to ensure you can be the best mom possible for your kids!

Health Tips for Stay At Home Moms

#1: Develop a routine/schedule

The best possible way you can get everything done in a day you want to, is to create a schedule. It doesn’t have to be strict, but just something loose so you have an idea of where you want the day to go. Not to mention, a routine will help you stay productive and get stuff done. If you spend everyday just flying by the seem of your pants, I bet 9 times out of 10 you won’t get everything done you wanted to. So even if you don’t follow the schedule minute by minute, a rough idea will be better than nothing.

#2: Get outside

This one is key for mental health! Besides, going for a walk gets activity for you, and keeps the kids occupied either in the stroller, walking with you, or riding their bike with you. And if you live in a place where it snows 8 months out of the year, bundle up! You don’t have to walk far, or walk at all in the cold, but just getting some kind of fresh air can really keep you from getting cabin fever. Besides, mental health is key in any wellness journey!

#3: Find a community

After awhile, you will go crazy only talking to yourself or small humans all day. Find yourself a community to join. Maybe it’s a play group, a walking group, or just your girlfriends getting together for happy hour. Getting out of the house and having contact with other grown adults is important for mental health, and your sanity. Even an online group that you can connect with and share your days activities with will help. I hear the Endorphitness Collective is a pretty great community of women looking to get healthy together…

#4: Schedule in a workout

No ifs, ands or buts about it..schedule it in! And actually write it down and pencil it in, because if you just say “I’ll get it in sometime today” that isn’t going to work. You’ll put it off all day and then it’ll be 10pm and you will have missed another day. So either get up early before the kids and sweat, have them join in, do it during their nap…whatever. But just get it in, because we know mom is much happier when she sweats it out and releases those endorphins! I have free workouts on youtube, instagram and obviously in my Accelerator 6 week challenge and Collective membership!

#5: Wake up for your kid, not to your kid

Do yourself a favor, and set an alarm to wake up even a few minutes before your kids. This can make a world of difference on your mood. Imagine the difference in your day if you..wake up in silence, pee alone, grab a cup of coffee and take a few quiet sips OR your kid wakes up screaming or barging into your room, you are startled and immediately annoyed/behind, you have to warm your coffee up 3 times before finishing it…yikes. You make the choice, but I bet those few fewer minutes of sleep will set the tone for a much better day!

#6: Prepare good food

Food is fuel, but it can also be medicine. Eating garbage makes you feel like garbage. Period. So prepare good food, food that fuels your body and will make you feel proud all day. You can either set aside time to meal prep, or you can bring the kids in have them help you cook meals or make smoothies. And don’t think that 3 bites of whatever is left of=n your kids plate is enough, because it’s not. You still need energy to get you through the day, and their leftovers aren’t going to cut it. If you need some meal prep tips, check this out!

#7: Wear workout clothes all day

I know a lot of people say to get dressed everyday, but how realistic is that? No mom wants to run around in jeans all day. So, you might as well “get dressed” in workout clothes! That way you can even get in some small movement throughout the day. Maybe that looks like a walk in the morning. 10 minutes of step ups on your stairs during nap time. Pushups while you play with the baby on the floor. You are more likely to get more movement in during the course of the day if you are dressed for it, then if you are either in pajamas or in “real people clothes”.

#8: Ask for help

For your sanity, ask for help when you need it. This could be someone watching the kids 1 day a week once a month. Or asking your significant other to take them to the grocery store while you get things done at home. Whatever it looks like for you, remember that you need help. And asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak or unfit as a mom, it just means you are strong enough to understand that doing something for yourself is going to benefit your entire family as a whole. Because if mom ain’t happy, nobody is happy.

#9: Schedule “me” time

I don’t care if this is reading before bed, taking a bath, having some wine, sitting alone in your car..I don’t care. But just do it. even if it is 20 minutes a day sitting on the bathroom floor. That alone time can mean the difference between a happy mom, and one that is screaming at her kids because the last straw has indeed broke the camels back and now everyone in her way is done for. Do it for sanity, but also for your kids that don’t need your lack of alone time be their fault.

#10: Give yourself grace – somedays will be better than others

You aren’t going to do it all in one day, or every day. Remember that. Some days you will be absolutely crushing it and feeling like a boss, and the next you may barely be able to keep the kids alive. It’s okay, give yourself grace. Allow yourself to ebb and flow, and to understand that you will not be 100% on you game everyday. And also remember you are not alone, because there are other moms struggling just like you are. Just take it one day at a time.

Getting healthy is hard, for everyone. Those that have full time jobs and kids, those that are stay at home moms, those that are entrepreneurs. We all have our struggles. But if we just take it one day at a time, and focus on just getting a little better every day, before we know it we will be “there”.

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