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To create a one stop health and fitness shop for everyone. Programs tailored to your goals whether that be weight loss from home or muscle gaining in the gym. Personalized programs for those ready to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and are willing to pay the price. Generalized challenges and ebooks for those who want some accountability and competition with a lower price tag, fit for all.  A fitness blueprint; giving you all the tools needed for a successful lifestyle change that is sustainable, with no blurred lines. A blog created to share scientific knowledge straight from the textbook to comprehensive, understandable lingo!

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Nutrition Information


Nutrition is the key component to any healthy lifestyle. No matter how much you exercise; what you are putting into your mouth is going to make a break your progress! Endorphitness is here to break down the complex topic that nutrition is into easier to digest pieces; sharing with you things like eating healthy on a budget and pizza recipes that are healthy! Nutrition is macronutrients. Nutrition is food source. Nutrition is fuel. Nutrition is meal creating. What we eat is either going to allow us to become a healthy, thriving individual, or a sufferer of chronic disease. I want to educate you on the foods you are eating, what they could be doing to your body, and steer you in the direction of healthy habits! Thinking in the long term mindset and not in the “I want to lose 10lbs as fast as possible” closed off mindset.

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Lifestyle Optimization


Healthy lifestyle is more than just diet and exercise. It’s about having balance in all other parts of your life that effect your health; things like sleep, hormones, stress,  and mindset! Everything in your body is connected, and if even one thing is off, it halts progress and tries to fix the problem before moving forward. Having the mindset that you are capable of living a happy, healthy lifestyle is key. Functioning hormones and low stress levels follow right behind that; things like toxins, medication, chemical exposure etc all tie into that. Endorphitness is here to educate you about topics you might not know much about, and open your eyes to the way your current lifestyle habits might be holding you back!

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