Lose Fat. Build Muscle. Create Habits.

Helping women create sustainable, healthy habits through at home workouts and simple nutrition; so you can stop having to choose between falling off the wagon or enjoying a warm cookie from your favorite bakery. Because honestly, there is room for both!


Who we are

Meet Haley. Your coach, and accountability partner who is ready to help you take action! You know the friend you can always count on to give it to you straight? That’s Haley.

A 20-something newlywed trying to navigate life while making health a priority.

A little bit of science, a little bit of sass, and a whole lot of tough love coming at you to help you finally take the steps to live a healthier lifestyle.

What started as a blog has now blossomed into a full women’s wellness resource with workouts, nutrition tips and lifestyle information to help you get healthy from home, where ever that is for you!


What we offer

Online Coaching

The most hands on program Haley offers. Workouts and nutrition personalized to your needs/goals so you can get there quicker! It is all customizable to you to make it sustainable.


This 6 week beginner program will accelerate you past all the B.S. and lead you to long term results. An at home program with everything you need to get started on your health journey.


The ability to get fit at home is just a few clicks away! The Endorphitness Collective program includes everything you need to live a healthy lifestyle, all from home.


Free Workouts

Nutrition Guides

Women's Health Information




Fitness Planner


What they say

When I first found Endorphitness I was lost & confused. I hated going to the gym but I also hated the way I looked and felt. A friend of mine introduced me to Haley’s programs... I can’t even express to you how much this has changed my life. Thank you so much!!

Crystal Collective Member

I honestly never thought I would feel this way again! I was in such a slump. I never wanted to wear jeans or anything tight. Now I feel confident wearing things and I dropped a jean size. I feel good and I'm exercising which is something I haven't done since high school. This program has helped me so much and this is just the beginning of this new lifestyle I'm living - I can't wait to continue it!

Haley Accelerator Member

I stopped working out excessively, started working out way more efficiently (read: LESS), and FINALLY started seeing some real muscle definition in my arms and legs. And I learned how to navigate the gym with confidence! Haley helped me rethink my approach to food too. I moved away from calorie counting and learned how to intuitively eat with whole foods. The amount of stress I’ve removed from my life in doing this is astounding and I’ve never felt more confident in my own skin!

MK 1:1 client

This monthly membership has completely changed my mindset and helped me create a sustainable routine and lifestyle. The community, recipes, and advice from Haley continue to make me feel supported on my journey. I love it, and I just hit the one year mark of training with her!

Tia Collective Member

Hi, I’m Haley.

I grew up in a very, very small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan; like, graduated high school with 33 people, small. I love hiking, adventuring and I’m always up for a good time. But, you can also catch me in pajamas by 8pm. I’ve been doing some kind of activity my whole life, but it wasn’t until the last few years that I truly fell in love with movement - and I am here to teach you how to fall in love with movement, too.

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