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To create a one stop health and fitness shop for everyone. Programs tailored to your goals whether that be weight loss from home or muscle gaining in the gym. Personalized programs for those ready to take the first step towards a healthier lifestyle and are willing to pay the price. Generalized challenges and ebooks for those who want some accountability and competition with a lower price tag, fit for all.  A fitness blueprint; giving you all the tools needed for a successful lifestyle change that is sustainable, with no blurred lines. A blog created to share scientific knowledge straight from the textbook to comprehensive, understandable lingo!

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Nutrition Information


Recipes, tips, scientific studies and information to teach you more about the importance of nutrition. You cannot out-train a crappy diet, it is THE building block to a healthy life and body. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks treats that are all simple and protein packed to give you an idea of WHAT it is you should be eating. Enough of the refined carbs and boxed foods, it’s time to learn what REAL nutritious foods are and how to cook them to fuel your body instead of your cravings. Macronutrient information, calculators and tracking to help you follow a specific gram by gram diet (if you so choose) to fuel your life and your goals. Teaching the relationships and views you should have with food to be successful in weight loss. The importance of Gut Health and how serious digestion is for the entire body as a whole. Healthy isn’t hard or scary or time consuming. It is about learning and using the information to take steps to a lifestyle change that YOU can stick to and that works for you. It’s about thinking in the long term mindset and not in the “I want to lose 10lbs as fast as possible” closed off mindset.

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Lifestyle Optimization


Mind. Body. Soul. All aspects of our lifestyle need to be tended to in order to live a fulfilled life. Offering ways to detoxify your house and your body (externally and internally). As important as decreasing our exposure to toxins is, it is extremely important to detoxify our life and our minds. Offering ways to help de-stress and clear our head to live each day with a grateful heart. It is time to find our true calling to be successful and happy in life. Offering ways to stand tall and find what sets your soul on fire, both in work and in play. Healthy isn’t just diet and exercise. In this day and age (with both physical chemicals and social media influence), we especially need to take action to keep our body functioning like a well-oiled machine. To learn to love ourselves in all aspects and continue to flourish in life.

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