January Jumpstart Challenge–PDF ONLY

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This is just the PDF download of my last challenge! Still includes all workouts, nutrition, recipes and more! Great at-home workout program you can do on your own schedule!

My challengers saw great results following this program. Roxann says “At the end of the six weeks, I’ve lost 10 pounds and 12 inches and I’m feeling great! I noticed from the first week to the third week that I was definitely getting stronger.” Try it out for yourself!

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PDF of January Jump Start Challenge Includes:


-6 week program (at home; need dumbbells and mini bands)

-4 workouts a week (30-40 minutes), 2 cardio days, 1 rest day

-Includes Videos!

-Information on Sleep and Stretching importance

-Healthy Recipes

-Grocery List


1 review for January Jumpstart Challenge–PDF ONLY

  1. admin

    This is exactly what I needed! Can’t wait to get started!!

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