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Haley Rowe September 27, 2019

Muscle Soreness and Why It Could be A Bad Sign [2019]

This may seem a little weird, but it’s true. Muscle soreness isn’t the end all be all of a good workout. Most people, beginners especially, assume that a good workout means being sore for days. And that if you aren’t sore it means you aren’t working hard enough. Well, we can put an end to […]

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Haley Rowe September 13, 2019

3 At Home Workouts with Only Dumbbells [2019]

I am the workout queen. I try to make sure all of my content I share with you guys relates to the majority – from meal prep, to hormones, to workouts and beyond. Well, I thought this week I would just share a few at home workouts you can do with just a pair of […]

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Haley Rowe August 30, 2019

5 Ways To Stay Active Outside the Gym [2019]

You heard it here first, WORKING OUT SHOULDN’T BE YOUR WHOLE LIFE. Whew, glad the cat is out of the bag. I understand not everyone loves working out or going to the gym, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be active. In fact, there are a lot of ways to get exercise without actually […]

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Haley Rowe August 9, 2019

Top Tips for Working Out While Pregnant [2019]

Let’s start out with…pregnancy is not a disability. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t do anything or that you are limited in what you can do, in any way. Yes, later in pregnancy you aren’t going to be able to lay on your back or your stomach…but it isn’t a disability! So this means you […]

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Haley Rowe July 26, 2019

8 Reasons it’s Better to Workout at Home [2019]

Commute, smells, grunts, stares, dirt…all things found working out at a public gym. I know from experience that gyms can be a little intimidating, not to mention disgusting. In fact, I have actually gone through 5 gyms in Naples trying to find the least disgusting one to join. If I had the space for a […]

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Haley Rowe July 12, 2019

How Exercise Impacts Memory and Brain Health [2019]

Let me just sit here and write my 23974 blog post on the benefits of exercise. No, but really. The impact exercise has on our bodies is incredible, and the fact that it doesn’t have to be a specific type of workout or duration is even better. Movement is medicine – time and time again […]

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Haley Rowe June 22, 2019

How to Start a Healthy Lifestyle 101 [2019]

There is so much chatter in the health space right now, and it leaves a lot of people confused on what to do. Theres 392847 different diets and workouts, and there are all these supplement companies with reps messaging you on Facebook and it all just gets really confusing. I even get caught up in […]

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Haley Rowe June 8, 2019

Treating Type 2 Diabetes with Exercise [2019]

Type 2 diabetes is 100% both preventable and curable. Type 2 diabetes is a long-term metabolic disorder that causes high blood sugar, insulin resistance and overall lack of insulin produced. It actually occurs as a result of obesity and lack of exercise. Treating type 2 diabetes with exercise is one of the few ways to […]

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Haley Rowe May 18, 2019

How to Burn More Calories – NEAT guidelines [2019]

Yes, there is a way to burn more calories. BUT, it still has to do with movement. My apologies to all those who thought there was a magic pill or a tea that was going to do it for them. Burning calories always comes down to movement – whether that be intentional exercise like a […]

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Haley Rowe April 20, 2019

Best Home Gym Equipment – Simple and Cheap [2019]

Sometimes I wonder what people assume working out from home is like. Do they think they need a huge room deemed the “workout room” with a bunch of expensive equipment? Or do they think having a home gym is a treadmill collecting dust in the basement? Either way, a home gym isn’t even necessary. You […]

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