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Haley Rowe November 16, 2017

Understanding Body Fat – Why we need it and how to measure it [2017]

Understanding body fat can be broken down very simply, but can be a bit overwhelming. Simply put; body fat is just as it sounds, fat stored in our body. Scientifically it is called adipose tissue, but who’s keeping track. It is important to know why we need fat and how to measure it in order […]

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Haley Rowe October 26, 2017

Everything you should know about losing body fat: guide to getting lean [2017]

Losing Weight VS Losing Body Fat Everyone is convinced they want to lose weight, but what they really want is decrease fat mass (losing body fat is the goal, usually). You want to be toned? Decrease fat mass. You want the scale to move? Decrease fat mass. You want to have a 6 pack? Decrease […]

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Haley Rowe September 27, 2017

Overtraining: What is it and how to avoid it! [2017]

Overtraining; we have all heard of it but don’t expect us to be the one to suffer from it. It is a most common for competitive athletes or runners to suffer from overtraining, but anyone who consistently works out hard could also be overtraining as well. Overtraining occurs when the intensity and volume of your […]

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