30 reasons to strength train [that doesn’t include aesthetics]


Ask the audience!

I asked my clients and followers (friends) why they like to workout, what they like to be strong for.

Looking good is nice, but FEELING good is a game changer.

There is no feeling like being strong, and proving that women can do some pretty great things.

If you have been on the fence about strength training, or you think cardio is going to get you the body (and fitness) you desire..I encourage you to keep reading.

Reasons strength training is amazing, aside from aesthetics….from women just like you!

Everyday Reasons to Strength Train

1. To be able to walk and hike with your kids (no matter what age)

2.To be able to jump the fence when the zombie apocalypse happens

3. To able to squat on the toilet with no help (except after a good leg day workout, hahaha)

4. To  go on gals trip, maybe drink to much, and challenge a 20 something to arm wrestle (who thinks you could never win) but you do !  Hell yas!

5. To be able lift your elderly family member when they fall or need help and not need strangers especially with ‘c-vid’

6. To able to have a chance of winning twister and beat your adult kids asses

7. To feel safe and like a badass (this is huge as a woman..)

8. Prevent osteoporosis

9. To be able look good getting on the boat after snorkeling or diving and not needing help

10. To never have to say I have fallen and can not get up

11. To be able to shovel, and bury the body with no help (LOL, any other crime junkies?!)

12. To garden (or other active hobbies)

13. To dance like no one is watching

14. To win against your adult kids in plank contest (or at least not get last place)

15. So haley says good job (I say this to remind them how far they have come!)

16. When you fly you get lift your own bag in carry on

17. So you can move all of your own belongings every 6 months when you move

18. For mental toughness

19. For my kids

20. So I can hike up a mountain without huffing and puffing

21. So I can decrease my risk of disease (family health history isn’t great)

22. So I can mow the lawn with the push mower

23. To shovel all the snow we get each winter (living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan)

24. So I can carry my dog around the house like a baby

25. So I can carry my baby around without my arms falling off

26. I want to be strong so I can play and keep up with my grand kids

27. So I don’t ever have to be worried about a long walk or terrain while traveling

28. So I can keep running marathons and getting faster

29. So I can move furniture without having to put it on the “honey to-do list”

30. To be able to play sports and not be questioned “can you do this”

Aren’t these far more amazing than “to look good”?!

Women are incredible beings, and we are made to be strong, and take up space.

So if you are thinking about exercise as a way to drop sizes, shrink down or thin out…I want you to think about the reasons for it.

WHY is that what is important to you?

Challenge the narrative…and be a strong, badass woman.

Now, I encourage you to share this blog post on your social media and add in why YOU strength train!!

Haley Rowe December 14, 2021